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Inter Stellar Light Code Monthly


Are you feeling stagnated or trapped?

Do you feel like you've tried to create change, but nothing happens?

 Are you aware of your limiting beliefs, programs and conditioning but unable to move beyond them?

Are you feeling isolated and wanting a deeper, more consistent connection with your Galactic Family?

Shift Your Harmonic Resonance Each Month with a New Inter Stellar Light Code!

Inter Stellar Light Codes come forth as Light Language scripts, symbols and activations. Light language scripts are alive and vibrating with interdimensional codes and symbols received through sound and sacred geometry. This original language of Creation is known to be the “Mother Tongue of Angels” and everyone once spoke in this language. Your ability to retrieve that remembrance is always available to you.


Spoken and written Light Language manifested in me as a powerful gift upon my awakening. With time, I’ve learned to decode the various scripts and interdimensional symbols that are “living languages” sending out resonant frequencies to all who view them. These frequencies are sent telepathically or through interior revelations and may be accessed from a state of contemplation and connection with your own inner space of the heart.


This process activates creative energy that reveals to you the areas in your life where power is held in illusion.


“Yukia is a Master Coder and Visionary Artist who will penetrate your inner quantum field with high frequencies of sound, light language and visual images, activating ancient and galactic soul memories. Multidimensional frequencies and codes, co-created in the moment with YOU as an active participant, will surely accelerate your ascension process and open multiple portals and pathways to Heaven on Earth! In this work, your own brilliant essence will activate your highest purpose with all the gifts and talents you will need to fulfill your divine mission here on Earth. You will find yourself integrated, embodied and aligned with your galactic family, your own highest Self and Gaia.”


Ana Estrada, Quantum Light Practice, USA

"Magnificent! Each colour, each design each dot pregnant with the purest, highest love. Hard to choose one's favourite here. Nurturing and transformative in the same balanced degree. Thank you, Yukia!"


Julita Gonera

Benefits of receiving the Inter Stella Light Codes


It enhances the connection and communication between your own heart and your galactic origin. The codes purify your energy field and function as accelerated activations containing DNA upgrades that bring expansion, peace and clarity while raising your frequency. This work can collapse timelines that no longer resonate and open potential pathways that further enhance your expansion. The increased perception and pure flow of emotion, full of consciousness and awareness, return you to your power and yourself.


What will you get each month?


You will have access to a newly conceived Inter Stellar Light Code in the form of a video transmission message, an original light coded visual image and a audio Light Language activation.

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Benefits & different styles have different purposes


Some may clear and heal the past with attunements that deprogram corrupted potential timelines that no longer serve the soul. Others have the power to shift your frequency to refine and activate your multi-dimensional reality and trigger gifts and abilities that were previously inaccessible to you. By receiving the code and activation consistently on a monthly basis, you are given the opportunity to step forward as the highest version of yourself, fully supported and connected to Source, ready to fulfill your greatest potential!

Guidelines for receiving and working with the Inter Stella Light Codes:


You may want to download the image and place it in front of you for viewing, or view on a screen. Follow your breath and enter into the sacred chamber of the heart. Feel into the artwork from that loving spaciousness and listen to the recorded light language transmission. Allow yourself to open and receive.


In a contemplative and meditative state, work with a single image or a combination of images, depending on the purpose or what needs to be addressed, expressed, healed, erased, upgraded or revealed for your own growth and expansion as a soul.


When working with the monthly code, you may use it as wallpaper on your phone or computer, print it and hang it on the wall or place it on your altar. The point is to visually see the code regularly throughout the month. In this way, you continuously absorb the frequency of the code.

  • Monthly Light Code

    Every month
    Monthly Premium Lightwork Content
    • 1 x Premium Energy Light Code - Downloadable
    • 1 x Premium Light Language Activation
    • 1 x Premium Light Language Channeling Video
  • Monthly Light Code Y

    Every year
    Monthly Premium Lightwork Content - Yearly Plan
    • 1 x Premium Energy Code - Downloadable
    • 1 x Premium Light Language Activation Audio
    • 1 x Premium Light Language Channeling Video