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STELLA CIRCLE OF LIGHT WITH YUKIA SANDARA - ACTIVATING YOUR Light Language – the Higher Consciousness Language of the Heart in our New Earth.


Join us in these Series of creative practices, sharing’s activations/attunements, upgrades and pearls of wisdom form our Inter Galactic Star Brother/Sisters & our Ancestors as Yukia expresses from her Collective integrated Self the Language that has been part of her Life experience for 16 years.


Packed full of value, this course contains:

  •  PDF with description and 2 private video links for the two parts of the course (each approx 2 hours).
  • 7 light codes
  • 3 specialised activation audios


The links and products contained in this e-course must not be shared without express permission of Yukia Sandara.

Light Language Course - E-Course

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