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The Explorer of Silence

When Silence permeates the very fabric of our existence one finds that we have entered into a golden gateway that leads us into a world of a different state of consciousness , a New Way of Being.

The emptiness and the stillness encompasses our whole Being . It welcomes the Explorer of Silence to its I Am Presence, it quieting’s the heart and the mind and alters the full tapestry of life as we know it .

Doing and Being takes a different colour and expression and we start to experience a different Way of being with ourselves and with others.

We start seeing ourselves in our full totality and to notice what is really playing in the game of life. All is brought to full awareness and a raised frequency sets it’s pace to finally flow and allow all the potentials and possibilities to just take consciousness in the entire field of manifestation.

It is a entry point of elegant Grace in a transformative practice of the Adventurer that delves deep into the exploration of it’s own Inner Space, devoted to the whispers of a Reality that is reinventing itself through the constant cultivation of Love through adversity with, Patience and Commitment to it’s own journey.

In this new indwelling spark, the Explorer becomes more confident and purposeful, clear in its understanding of the ability and capacity of this Inner space vastness, that is now feeding it’s consciousness awareness.

Thoughts become intentional, fearless and more empathic. There is more willingness to embrace the pain that surfaces, to be uncomfortable, to be tested, to be less narcissistic and more engaging in the living experience and less hiding in it’s own self constructed castle, it’s illusionary safe haven. It also enhances more self-reliance and it becomes minimalistic in its approach to existence in this magic planet of ours.

The Explorer of Silence has the power to ignite it’s own capacity to listen and through active intelligence become fully aware of its knowingness, wisdom to be collected from its own sea of potentials far beyond any channeler’s, any counselors, any teachers, any Guru’s previous assistance.

It brings awareness of how futile it is to merely rush into anything that is presented. If we slow down we miss the present and the future becomes the past before it seems to happen and then Silence forces itself to only exist in the Now moment.

The Explorer does not try to become It anymore, it embodies it and Just is It. Movements slow down, actions become more deliberate and thoughts more ordered. Words often distance us from others and ourselves. They are carriers of distortions, ailments, misunderstanding, discord and conflict in our World.

The powerful silence assists us to look at the essential words to Speak, to express in order not to waste them. It looks forward to the pauses between the breath’s and the words, for the unknown to be brought forth in its full revelatory tapestry.

The Explorer of silence, lives in full congruence with it’s values and its vulnerability, it’s deservability, it ‘s authenticity and impeccability. It has no limits or boundaries as it navigates in this space and time continuum surfing through the Heart of All there Is.

The Gift of Silence in the spaciousness of this sacred Inner Space it dwells, engraves our memories more deeply and it gifts us infinite freedom to see the events of our lives as “inscriptions of our journey”, footnotes in the sand that can never be erased from us.

It feeds our cell memories that are the multi-dimensional imprint upon the world. It consolidates them gradually, teaching us how to live with them so that they become no longer part of our fantasy world or an imagined future. Instead, they become an essential information technology of the evolved New Human on Earth.

The Power of Silence, further reveals to the surface all the lies, we cannot be dishonest with ourselves. It propels any Explorer to radical honesty, self -acceptance, surrender by allowing full Self –care to permeate it’s Being.

The Explorer of Silence does not tolerate running any longer. It sees the person inside You with all it’s aspects and facets. It demands love, tenderness, compassion, humbleness and Grace to flood it’s full Consciousness existence.

Finally the Explorer returns within the Silence to a place where all Peace surpasses the higher understanding of itself and is able to offer Infinite Love to the full impermanence of it’s form as a majestic multi –dimensional gift to Mother Earth to ground onto her bosom in his Human condition.

In this trajectory the Golden Gate entered leads the way for the Explorer of Silence to move passionately, dissolving all masks, all shields into the illuminated path of the Luminous warrior of Light.

The Explorer of Silence, travelled from the waters of the womb of the Earth and the sacred fire burning in its Core , touching the very fabric of it’s Soul Fire . Into the void and the emptiness of the powerful silence that has sinked in as full darkness surfaced for so long it delved and now finally emerges into the road less travelled to build a brighter world based on truth and Light.

Be the Change You want to See .

Rejoice and Celebrate!

Are you an Explorer of Silence?

Take the Hero ‘s journey …

Into the Heart of All there Is.

Much Love ,

Yukia Qwi An Sandara

IF you need assistance in your journey to overcome some challenges and blockages to re direct you into your path , life purpose support , clearing old program's , conditioning , re-awaken your gifts , return to your true essence, alignment , balance and harmonization, collecting our fragmented aspects and restoring them to unification in the sacred space

of the heart , I am also available for sessions ; - you can email questions to be responded by me

and sent in a saved Mp3 /Mp4 file - these 2 types of skype

sessions -healing - therapy

if you check my website you can read about my experience in about me and other people's experiences with these sessions.

In the healing side there is also a free 30 minutes exploration for a full mentoring program to assist you ;

I am at your disposal to connect , engage in a protective loving space .

All my love ,

Yukia Qwi An Sandara

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