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Poetry : Sacred Womb - Age of Union Part II

She speaks of the voices unspoken by the heart of Gaia

Long, long ago

She speaks of the time to Be,

She speaks of the One who dances in her light

Who radiates wild fire within

Someone who speaks from the very soul

Someone who holds her loving heart as sacred

Someone that holds her body as an altar

her mind as a wild labyrinth to explore

The One that honours the return of the eternal Goddess

Within his heart and comes alive within the very essence

Of his being

She speaks of her return to the sacred place of shared creation and Unity

As the Divine Flame burns brightly within the Etheric womb space

Of the One,


She Breaths ,

She murmurs,

She Loves Infinitely

She speaks of the etheric umbilical that connects the One

To the pulsing beats of the Divine Womb of the Earth and the galactic Womb center,

She speaks of the eminent awakening from the keepers of the Divine Feminine Fire

To rediscover their immaculate ancient vow

Of tendering and caring for the passionate Flame of creative Fire

She speaks of the one that sees the magical and the mystical,

The breathtaking beautiful flame that shines

Upon the golden diamond of her sacred garden

Spiraling within her, holding nothing but the very

Fabric of her passion and her dreams of an

Age that surpasses all earthly remembrance and understanding

An age of Union

Oh !

She breaths

And murmurs ,

She utters in the depth of the void she dives,

The orgasmic sounds of the

Sacred Womb,

As she swim’s in a sea of shimmering stars

She speaks of the dance of the universal rhythm within the illusionary cycles

of birth life, death and rebirth,

She speaks of the graceful motion that spirals through

The Milky Way to rest in the heartbeat of the

Divine Mother in perfect Union

As she smiles radiating her full emanation and Presence joyfully

She speaks of the Divine Flame that burns a brilliant

Bright white fire that embodies all of the colours of the


Embracing in a ecstatic dance all elements of nature,

As the core essence of its fire erupts and turns it,

into a sparkling crystalline eternal liquid light

and unites with the One she loves infinitely

And She speaks then

Of the ancient sacred secrets she holds in her soul

And in the very nectar of her vulva

She speaks of the emergence of the eternal immortal magnificence

Flooding the waters of mother Gaia !

Oh !

She embraces the totality of all that is to Be ,

In the silent that sets in,

She murmurs sweet lullabies,

And ,

She loves,

She loves,


Much Love to You Beloved,

Yukia Qwi an Sandara

IF you need assistance in your journey to overcome some challenges and blockages to re direct you into your path , life purpose support , clearing old program's , conditioning , re-awaken your gifts , return to your true essence, alignment , balance and harmonization, collecting our fragmented aspects and restoring them to unification in the sacred space

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I am at your disposal to connect , engage in a protective loving space .

All my love ,

Yukia Qwi An Sandara

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