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Meditation Pearls

True how humans distort the experience and the expression of life through viewing it from the window of polarity and create so much pain and resentment for themselves.

We are all one and the some, there is no separation only the one created by the ego that creates stories and attaches illusionary significance to ownership, property and control to the point of designing a new truth program that defies the essence of the very divine fabric of relationships where only Love exists.

The rest are are merely imprinted programs designed to create a variety of perspectives based on the source origin of their belief /value system inherited in their hard disk from ancestral lineages , past scripts , soul learnings and multi dimensional lives .

These serve to build contrast in our planet through shadow opposites , contradictions , varied versions of the some truth that co exist simultaneously to enrich spiritual growth and soul evolvement.

Witnessing / observing how this game is played from the heart space and allowing the different feelings being felt in their totality and seen; like mistrust , longing , fear , jealousy, anger, insecurities, sadness , lack of self love and appreciation assists in dissolving the illusionary charge and triggers they carry as just part of the transitory experience of entanglement to the limited earthly notion of service to Self and mortality.

When that understanding is deeply integrated , there is no longer any linear view of the field unfolding through the window of the Heart or the eyes of the Soul but an unlimited shared pool of Oneness where service to others exists solely unconditional and any notion of exchange whatsoever falls away as it becomes obsolete in its very essence and replaced instead by the love frequency in the relationship carried and reflected in the empowered experience of the Soul tribe / Soul family co -existing and interacting together to co-create this New Earth.

Love from my heart to Yours,, Yukia Qwi An Sandara

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