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Beloved Family,

Last two weeks Window Review

We have been in PREPARATION PHASE, clearing /purifying all residues of polarity, working through the walls of contrast provided to us by our political Global Governance scenario with the assistance of the White Dragons and our Star seed Lineages.

This enabled us to delve deeply into inner Plane with an awakened Mindful EYE and work steadily with TRUST through the synchronistic RECONFIGURATION codex combination at DNA level availed to us, through the huge photonic plasma fluid Light from Solaris and the nurturing embrace of THE DIVINE MOTHER GAIA’s nurturing frequencies.

Beloved’s we have been warriors, bold, courageous and determined as Star Seed’s. We have voiced the last Lion’s roar of old energy drains and personal darkness, burnt through the alchemy of Fire & Water element’s all old karmic collective agreements, contracts, imprints into the purifying Ether of new energies.

We have seen past our misdirected distortions, stories and creations. Now ,We are standing with confident together to assist each other in erasing all old operating systems of shadow, fear, guilt, shame, regret and doubt within and in the Collective reality.

All is coming up to finally breakthrough the illusionary separation walls of many constructed old realities still in linearity and veiled to our Higher Consciousness.

We have been revisiting old timelines to erase the left over fragments/ Healing WITH RESOLUTION AND LOVE , the collective/ individual Soul of the Human Being as well as that of this beautiful Planet.

Some Time lines , have been upgraded and re-scripted.

We have also integrated in our Cosmic Heart , that any unsound Creations will no longer be supported by these new heighten frequencies.

Current PHASE

We have simultaneously entered a Trinfinity Gate from August onwards where Source Self Consciousness WITHIN THE COLLECTIVE LOVE CONTAINER, has taken centered stage in our Lives. Nothing Less than that will be welcomed!

Through these expanded Grids and Gateways leading to 11: 11, we are bridging realities in Quantum Leaps and we are seeing through the games/roles performed in our system of Governance Playground and also through the environmental shakes and wobbles IN OVERHAUL that Our Mother Gaia IS undergoing to complete her harmonic Balance.

Way showers , Grid workers, Gatekeepers, Light workers, we have critical mass to ignite the changes in our Planet and that is cause for celebration! However in the next week between the 18-21th of November, WE NEED TO OFFER OUR SUPPORT & LOVE TO OUR NEW EARTH.


Through Meditations, collective Local circles in every country, Light language groups whatever resonates, WE are Inviting You to Stand United with our respective INTER GALACTIC TEAMS in this essential Mission and Project.

11:11 Star Gate of Liberation & Unity

We are receiving the signal that we are free from the concept of karma, from any debts owned and we are being invited to now Breath and experience real time cause and effect in a new resurrected beginning of our own Creator-ship.

Visualize an expanded sacred Corridor of Light, a passageway of heighten vibrant frequency creating an ENERGY HEART PORTAL to SOURCE.

This gateway provides all of US to connect with Source, our Galactic families; there is a pre-coded sequence that activates every year a huge WAKE UP CALL FOR ALL.

We as Star Seeds through the power of Creative intent and alignment in Unity through our inter Galactic lineages and Coding can manifest a substantial mass awakening in our Planet with full Liberation codes anchored in our new re-structured blue print to full Actualization.

We are also united in the Multiverse with Solaris, our New Earth and our Galactic Family as ONE.

Lets Breath together,

Opening wide our expanded Cosmic Heart

Lets Go to our Hearts to shift and direct the energy to raise the frequency together.

Lets open our hearts and expand beams of Golden/diamond, pink and emerald light from this collective expanded Loving Heart

Lets connect with the Whales, the Turtles ,the dolphins to connect the leylines of Light, Peace and Love to Source and lets us express gratitude for their support.

Lets connect with the Ancient white majestic Dragons, our Guardians and our intergalactic family to re-connect together with our Divine Mother Sophia and assist through the new Holy Unity Consciousness Grid to raise the frequency structure of our Re- formed original Blueprint.

Lets appreciate each other,

Co create and Love each other

As we walk this new Earth as a United Liberated Hu Man

Lets us care and nurture every moment of the Now and respect nature and all kingdoms.

We are Peace, Love , Freedom, Truth

With one Sovereign Loving Voice ,

United with our Inter Galactic Nations we stand

As One,

Infinite love ,

Yukia Azorath Sandara

Councils of Peace, Liberation & Love


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