This activation assist you to shift out of your 3D density aspect and to live fully from your higher self , a higher octave , 5D and above.

It works at DNA/RNA level to activate your crystalline Light body and expand your multi-dimensional Self again.

It is a memory Recall , a Reminder for Remembering that which you have forgotten inside , your true You, your Divine Essence , the highest Realm version that existed before you incarnated here in this physical experience.

The Harmonics and the Language of the Heart in this video together with the visuals contain Light encodements ; they are subtle tools to higher shifting frequencies and an amplify elevated awareness; they help you to repair, to align, to harmonize, to restore , to “tune’ , to integrate , to ignite, to upgrade and to embody the Ascended self in this moment of the Now.

As you clear and return to balance an harmonic resonance within the coherent field of the heart open's up to your Gateway from your own Stars ship into many other realms of the Omniverse.

All of these portals are within your STAR SHIP !

These activations are just accelerating the opening up of your higher Consciousness, they unlock these portals previously closed inside to a full sea of potentials and possibilities that is part of the REAL YOU, the Divine spark of your Mastery , your Creator Being as an Eternal Being of Love.

Everything is here , unified in the very Centre of our Heart.

Open the sacred space of the Heart to allow, to surrender and accept unconditionally all to be fully received within your Human vessel from the Gateway of your Heart.

Journal afterwards , go to nature and integrate the Harmonic Light tuning frequencies to assist you to raise your awareness and elevate your frequency .

With deepest appreciation and gratitude for sharing this gift.

Infinite love,

Yukia Azorah Sandara


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