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Meditations & Transmissions



“When you hear the Language of Light spoken and sung by Yukia, there is a resonance in your DNA which is activated, unlocking the keys to your God Consciousness - your Divine Original Blue Print, awakening higher levels of consciousness "

11/11 Live Streaming Facebook :

Yukia is a spiritual mentor, master energy healer, an angelic Reiki master, a Munay Ki teacher, a Toltec initiated shaman, an emissary of the violet flame of transmutation and keeper of the golden/diamond and emerald flames, bringing into balance the feminine and masculine aspects of divine  Galactic Self so that ONENESS may be experienced and embodied.

As a voice transmitter of the angelic realms of grace, she has the ability to bring in divine frequencies of ancient light language sound codes and songs from a number of star systems to activate the ”24 strand DNA” of 5th dimensional consciousness and beyond. These codes will recalibrate the human energy field to be able to hold higher vibrations of love and light, which is essential for building our luminous, light body and reclaiming the integrated body as a temple of love.

George is a mystic visionary and a talented didgeridoo player whose ability lies on bridging the world of the visible and the unseen. His intention is to shake off limiting thought forms and to awaken more coherent, self empowering loving ways to be in relation with our Creator - our Self. His wisdom and healing discoveries are being shared with others through the practice of biodynamic craniosacral therapy and through a variety of creative projects, workshops and collaborations.

Yukia’s website:

In this workshop upon your country 's request:

I) We will be transmitting a sound bath through Yukia ‘s voice , drumming and  George ‘s Didgeridoo to alchemize all bodies of man in recalibration, alignment , balance and harmony, repairing and even upgrading depending on the response and readiness to receive.

II) Be transmitting messages from the Divine Mother and star nations for the group to repair your DNA, harmonize, balance, activate and raise your frequency


III) An introduction to the different languages of light and purpose of this awakening in planet earth (Sirius, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromeda, Lyrian, Orion).

IV) Update on DNA and Planetary cosmic bodies (the Earth, Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter , Saturn and others as spirit guides). Yukia will reveal their original blueprint, changes, life and impact to humankind in our path of ascension.

V) Multi-dimensional Sound healing Alchemy practice’s with your body

VI) Share teachings of  Merkaba mechanics, and activate your personal Merkaba vehicle - field, through sacred breath work and guided meditation.

Suggested schedule's fall on the weekend :

 Time: 9.30am to 5pm (Saturday 25th) and  1pm - 6pm

The address of Your Choice in the respective country

Contact for bookings; A deposit of (£)50 guarantees your seat prior to the workshop


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