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.”Yukia helps manifesting a bridge within, between the soul’s capacity and life on earth. I was not living my highest self without this manifestation into the material"

Dominique Sire

“the passion of living in a fearless Body”

Spiritual teacher for the past 26 years. USA

.“During my 25 years as a teacher in the personal growth movement I have experienced the work of many teachers and healers first hand, including a few very gifted ones.

I believe Yukia to be the most extraordinary one, and these are the reasons why: How would you feel if you had complete amnesia about your childhood origins? Imagine all your memories and experiences erased from your consciousness. We would all agree that no matter how it would manifest for each one of us individually, the affect would be very dramatic. If we accept that this lifetime is a finite journey, a speck of reality within the infinite journey of our soul, then we also have to accept as truth that living this life anchored solely to a sense of self developed from this present life, is indeed living with a type of amnesia.


Yukia’s gifts have the power to awaken anyone from this debilitating amnesia.


Because she remembers all of who she is she also accesses her other gifts. She is not only a channel for many different energies that will communicate with you, always with the intent to assist you to become all of who you are, but she also uses sounds as medicinal energies that can heal with precision the different aspects of your self that include the physical, emotional and all the spiritual bodies. When you choose to work with Yukia you choose to embark on a journey of self discovery that will illuminate both the world within yourself and beyond yourself to the limitedness of the universe and it will in turn ground you on this earth more capable than ever to fulfill your purpose. ”


Sophie Amat, Entrepreneur Social Media

“The healing session I had with Yukia was nothing short of amazing. As a past sufferer of physical abuse during the first 13 years of my life, I realized I had very deep unexpressed rage within my whole being, my body. The last 10 years of my life have been devoted to doing the work to clear this suffering and bring greater joy and happiness into my life!!

Yukia’s powerful healing came at the perfect time during my healing journey. She literally detached me from the powerful entities that have kept me attached to this anger persona.

I have since been able to redefine my life according to that which I create to serve my highest good rather than that which reflects my primal emotions. I am incredibly grateful for this divinely orchestrated intervention in my life.

I give profound thanks to Yukia and her utmost professionalism in holding such a powerfully loving, determined and focused space throughout the entire ceremony. I entrust anyone who is searching to her healing care. Blessings!”

Yukia helps manifesting a bridge within, between the soul’s capacity and life on earth. I was not living my highest self without this manifestation into the material. The session I received was full of love and wisdom. I was connected with the planetary origin of my soul. This powerful connection changed my view on life on myself and on others for ever. With sound and chaneling Yukia reaches a very high level of consciousness that not only enormously empowered me but she also gives clear guidance to anchor these new insights and the work that was done during the session in my daily life. She channels very powerful light beings. Yukia knows what she is doing and has a professional approach. She is imbedded in a global network of light workers and sound healers and can easily explain her work in a broader context.

I look forward continuing working with her and hosting her workshop in Amsterdam in May 2015. 

Chantal Gill’ard, the Netherlands - Former Member of the House of Representatives


Dennis Notten - Founder of Sananda-Wasia Temple of Rejuvenation – Pisaq, Peru

I did a couple of sessions with Yukia. These session always came on a moment where I had to take an important decision in life.

What happened in the sessions was always very deep and profound. First she would work with sounds and energy to clear me on many different levels, to activate things in me that were dormant and to open certain channels inside of me.

The second part of the session was a channeling. She opens and receives different energies whom she channels. The channeling always contained information that really helped me in many ways; to make decisions in my life, to get more insight in myself, the relations with people around me, and many different subjects in general.

I am very grateful that Yukia came into my life and can only recommend her work to anyone. The work is done from a very special place of Love and Goodness.

 Thank you Yukia!”


.“It is with a full heart and deep gratitude that I sit down to write about an incredible soul in human form, Yukia! I met Yukia in Peru as we were both on a path of light and healing. My session with her was lead by the Highest Light and Love that I have experienced from another. She powerfully and lovingly connected with the Masters, Angels, and Guides to facilitate my evolution as a Soul in Human form. The journey was insightful, healing, clearing, and uplifting..

I whole heartedly recommend a session with Yukia. You will be in awe and in that you will be transformed.”

A Journey of Healing, Insight & Love

Laria Daniela, USA

.“Yukia stayed at our Healing Centre in Peru for more than a month. She intended to rest and relax but ended up sharing healings sessions and messages of Light  with everyone staying at our center during her time here.

She connects deeply with her guides and knows just what each person needs. Her toning/sound work was especially powerful for me. We did a fire ceremony together that was very healing and transformative.

Yukia is a very gifted, open, loving person who shares her gifts and abilities without ego or self interest. I strongly recommend her as a teacher, a channel.”

Diane Dunn

Owner PazyLuz

Retreat Pisag, Peru

.“In every incarnation we come to experience, we reach a point where no-thing seems to flow with ease and grace… this is normality of the third dimension; it is at times like this that the benevolent, voice of My Dear Friend Yukia  will help to break through the self imposed barriers that we all create; her ability to shatter those barriers with sound through voice will indeed help you to reach a Higher Octave on your path to Ascension.

Many blessings and Thank you Dear One.

Jasmin of Peace”

Jazz, England”

Passage to Luminae - By Yukia 'Atika (2009)



Like a human butterfly, Elaina balances her wings between the Real World and the Spirit World, journeying through the centre of her heart. Join Elaina in her flight to Luminae!

About the Author

I am a student of all life force, walking this Earth amazed at every turn and invigorated by how much we have missed out for so long! I feed from the SUN! My cosmic name is "Yukia Atika", meaning "ancient joyous radiance". It was given to me as I was addressing God/Goddess the Creator, surrounded in service to the Light, in a magical meditation five years ago. So it is under this very same name that I am writing. I am spreading the Light and the Love to all of you and to Mother Earth, even though my earthly name is still Elizabete Martins Soares. By profession a sociologist and human resources practitioner specialised in Change Dynamics, I am also a shift and transformation agent; a seminar and workshop facilitator; a spiritual coach/counsellor; a channeller of the Sun Elders and the Inner Circle"; a story teller; an intuitive energy and sound healer; a seasoned sacred site pilgrim.

'Thrive in your beingness with love, joy and passion in your heart.

Embrace fully the totality of You.' - Yukia


“It was in June 2013 when I first had a session with Yukia.

Aside from her reputation, what really inspired me was the story I had heard about her own journey healing from a chronic disease.. In alignment with the belief I have that sometimes these conditions (like the one I have cancer) show up to offer a “wake up call” — a chance to shift gears and realign with one’s higher purpose – this was the case for Yukia.

She built a very successful career in the corporate world (also in Human Resources/Training) but in doing so, repressed her heart’s calling to channel and to heal. It turns out, the disease  was her ticket to a different show…

 After healing, she began this new line of work — which is much more akin to a life’s calling than work — and has built what seems to me to be a very good practice. 

When she invited me to come to Bali and experience her work on a grander scale, without asking too many questions or requiring all the details to confirm, I said “yes”. Truly, I am not certain I would have fully understood it anyway even if it had been explained to me! Yukia works in a different capacity, interacting with beings not of the 3rd dimension .I trusted… and that is why I incorporated this into my healing protocol.


Our time together has been about pulling the weeds and replanting the garden — harmonizing the colours and opening space for floral mandalic expression to emerge. We have worked to clear stuck energy using (symbols) and tones in combination, expanded the frequency of the heart, redefined beliefs, recited mantras, cleared attachments to the astral plane, and Yukia channeled a message from Beings of the  44th dimension who shared, among other things, that either I start to celebrate life… or perish. Doesn’t get much more blunt than that!


It was on the second last day during our final conversation of the afternoon and following the completion of a reprogramming session that Yukia had to give me some “tough love”.


 She communicated that based on her calibration, my will to live was coming through at about 60% and my homework for the evening was to basically GET REAL — to genuinely ask myself whether or not I wanted to stay here…on earth…living this life. Whatever it took, I needed to get quiet, leave the cancer aside, and truly connect with what had been keeping me from fully saying “YES!” to life. As I walked back to my little villa, I felt myself getting increasingly angry at her for questioning me in this way — did I want to LIVE?! If that weren’t the case, wouldn’t I have subjected myself to chemotherapy by now and done a multitude of things myself to chemo therapy by now and done a multitude of things ( nothing at all) to destroy my body and increase my chances of dying !


I questioned whether all we had just done together was a complete farce and that she was completely out of her mind.


Yet, at the same time I knew that there had been long periods in my life where I felt lost, unable to connect with others, like I was from a completely different planet than other people. I remember especially driving home from work, often finding myself stopped at lights looking over at the people in the cars next to me and wondering what the hell was the purpose of all this and at the end of my life what would have been the point?


 Many moments I felt numb, disconnected, and unmotivated to participate in any activities that didn’t include going to work. So, willing to face what I needed to face and using a conscious connected breath meditation, I opened the door to fully feeling what was there… I cried, screamed into pillows, and pounded my fists on the bed. I allowed myself to look at all the beliefs I carry about myself

I’m unattractive, I am unworthy of attention, I am unsupported, I am undisciplined, I am judgmental, I am boring, my hips are too big, my nose is crooked, my eyes are wrinkled, and on…and on…and on! Once the purge felt complete, my instinct told me the gap needed to be filled so my next journal page was covered in all the other things that I AM: attractive, deserving, worthy, interesting, significant, joyful, playful, fun, open, healthy, beautiful, and on…and on…and on


I connected with my heart and felt strongly that, YES — I do choose to live!  I choose to stay, to be healed, and to love who I AM. Through all of this, I am confident that the beings of the 44th dimension were there with me as well as Yukia, holding space and supporting this healing work.


The next morning after a very restful sleep, I felt as though heaviness had lifted. The joy and openness that I hadn’t felt in several months had FINALLY returned. At the end of the day, it doesn’t so much matter how it happened but rather just that it did happen.

I feel much appreciation for Yukia and all of her celestial support for helping me reconnect with this place once again. It feels good to be back! ”

Bonnie Dean ,Toronto


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