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Integrating Sonic Cosmic Awareness




                           Yukia  Azorah Sandara 





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Activate YOUR WINGS 

Integrating Sonic Cosmic Awareness  


Do you feel that with every step you take, some days feel like you have regressed more than you have progressed?


Do you feel that your life-long longing for a purposeful life as an awakened human being living and experiencing your full potential, has become a burden and you wish you remained asleep?


Do you feel more doubtful about yourself more than ever before?


The good news is, you are not alone in this, and you are certainly not the only one who feels that way.

When we human beings, begin to awaken within an environment still dominated by old paradigms and inverted programs, being awaken could simultaneously mean being more open to perceiving and experiencing these paradigms.


First, you need to acknowledge how far you have come, alone, on your own. Even if it was with the help and assistance of “others”, it’s YOU who has walked this path, despite how lonely it felt.


You followed your true calling, without knowing where it will lead you.


You trusted something bigger than you and dealt with all the challenges that crossed your path.


You are HERE, today, during one of the most interesting times our planet is experiencing.


You, a brave and curious Soul, has chosen to experience the SHIFT and contribute to the COLLECTIVE AWAKENING, by being here… right now.


And your part does not have to be acknowledged by millions to count as worthy. What you have gone through is already the great work. Every moment you have experienced in your life has contributed to where we ALL ARE now.


Now, the time has come, for You to feel part of the All. To feel supported in Your Life, which is part of the only truthful Life there is. The time has come for you to embody the Oneness, and carry it with you for the remainder of Your journey.

On this 12 day journey with Yukia we will be allowing Space for the:

  • Activation of our DNA/Divine Blueprint

  • Activating our personal Grids as we work with Gaia’s Sacred Planetary Points

  • Inner standing our cosmic alignment with the Cosmic planetary SOUL 

  • Downloading Light Body Technology

  • Actively Listening to the upgrades of the Sound and the Language of the Heart 

What does this mean?


  • Light Body Technology consists of an un-locking, de-coding, re-coding and inter-connecting of the Quantum Holographic Energetic Body through Light Sonic.

  • The New Activated Blueprint within us then re-designs our operating system/Body consciousness functionality as it holds more Light Templates to raise our Higher Awareness and Frequency Expansion.

  • This journey is a sprouting of RE-MEMBRANCE of our Pure Holy Whole essence, of our Cosmic and Divine Identity. It is about opening ourselves up and remembering being in DIVINE COMMUNICATION, speaking the Language of the Heart.

  • Re-Calling the Multidimensional facets of ourselves and the different Fractals of Light that we hold.

  • RE-MEMBRANCE of our innate Intelligent Knowingness; Re-uniting us as true Ancient HU-Men, Cells of our Beloved Mother Gaia with the Presence of God/Goddess within us.

  • EMBODIment. The birthing and channeling of the Avatar Gateway within us. This allows our New HU-Man to anchor fully its light into the vessel/ the Sacred Temple. It is about reaching and pulling the God-like thread of awakening, where we step forward from CLEARING the Old Paradigm/TraumaMemories/Programs into CREATING the New Existences/Realities/Timelines.


During the 12 Day Journey we will receive tools and practices…

  • To assist us in letting go of the False Self/Ego

  • To master the Mind/Body Construct

  • To transcend the duality within us

  • To integrate Unity, Harmony, Love and Respect in our Entire Beingness


This journey is about sprouting the Tree of Life, instead of the Tree of Knowledge; about taking the next step towards Walking the Talk, towards Stepping into our Divine Service to Mother Earth/ to HU-manity and towards being the Highest Expression of the Divine, rising up into full Sovereignty and authentic alignment with the Cosmic Heart of Source.

                                              INVITATION CALL TO EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS JOURNEY 


Itinerary of the Journey:


* 3 Nights in Cairo at the Oasis Hotel - We will visit the Saqqare Pyramid, the Serapium, the red Pyramid, the bent pyramid, the Giza pyramid and the sphinx with private time.

*We will take a train overnight to Luxor and enjoy our 5th day integrating and gathering on our 5Star Nile Cruise Boat.

*We co create followed by spirit together. We will visit in our 6 days down the Nile the following places and read the sites as the energy and frequency flows. There will be guides in each location: 

* Luxor * Karnak*Temple of Isis* Temple of Edfu*temple of kom Ombo*Aswan * Temple of Hathor, Abbydos, Osiris, Houros, Dendara*

* We will arrive back in Cairo for one day of integration and have our celebration Party.


This trip includes :

*Full accomodation with 3 meals a day, train tickets, tour guides,entrance everywhere, tips, entrance fees to all pyramids,

*This trip exclude your own flights and airport taxes

ENERGY EXCHANGE: $ 2350 single

                                       $ 2100 Doublee



YOU CAN PAY THROUGH PAYPAl BUT IF YOU DO YOU ARE REQUESTED                                                            





               IBAN: PT50001000005317124000183

               SWIFTØBIC : BBPIPTPL

REGISTRATION: Please kindly send a registration email to confirm your participation on this journey to lovely Mayana at

                                                                SACRED JOURNEY ALCHEMIST /ENERGY FACILITATOR

                                                                                   "I see with different eyes now and the 

                                                                                         flow returned into my life."

                                                                                        YUKIA AZORAH SANDARA 


A Walk- in Soul  2002  # Inter Galactic Guardian # Gatekeeper # Wayshower #  Divine Sound Alchemist # Light Language Activator, Speaker, Decoder # Quantum Light Code Technology Artist # Unity Consciousness Empowerment New Earth Mentor#

Yukia is like you, just a reflection of You, and has dedicated the past years to experiencing and expressing passionately her Inter Galactic Star seed trajectory by travelling the World as a mother, a grandmother, a child, a woman, a student, a friend, a lover, a teacher, a healer, a Transformation Light Language Activator/Decoder,  an observer and a witness, a Higher Consciousness change agent, a facilitator of events and a Inter - Galactic Mentor/Life coach. 

Yukia woke up at the age of 6 and then partially shut down whilst still astral travelling through dimensions and experiencing being different and odd until a later time when she accepted her full Mission.

She comes from a corporate Change /Transformation Coaching background before her full activation as a Walk in Soul in 2002.  Since then she has been called from within to dedicate her Life mission in Service to the Planet and Humanity sharing her love, wisdom and gifts.

For many years Yukia was called to experiment and retrieve and recall all parts of her original Self,her inner knowledge and wisdom from ancient mystery schools of spiritual teachings ,Inter Galactic Higher Learning Centers , Gaia ‘s Consciousness and her Body of consciousness Inner Guidance.

With this she has developed New Earth empowerment Tools ; New Human Template Etheric Tuning , Sound  and Light encoded tools outside Time space and Source Energy signatures / Grids, scrolls, tablets , Keys  reflected in her Art Technology for the Planet and for Humanity as it steps into sovereignty in the New Earth.

 Yukia facilitates Light Language Activated and Decoded Circle’s of Light retreats to ignite the Remembrance of the Language , The Importance of the shadow inner Group and healing , the retrieval of Star Seed skillsets, Inter planetary Life and qualities in different Planets including the Earth.

This activates the Collection, Integration and embodiment of all Inter Galactic aspects within the Human template recalibrated now on Earth ready for new assignments. Yukia also facilitates the  Inter –Galactic  long term Mentoring programs , on a one to one basis for Star seeds or for groups on Zoom  and shares them in many countries.

Over the past 15 years her Inter Planetary Higher Consciousness work took priority and she has travelled to many sacred sites in many countries of the Globe, such as; Tanazania, Swaziland , Mozambique, South Africa, Israel, Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Russia, Turkey, India, Peru, France, Hawai, Thailand, Switzerland , France, US, UK, Bali, Iceland and Indonesia, Malta, Portugal, Ibiza, Argentina, Portugal - following her  heart and embodying the energy of Love. Yukia currently does most of her teachings during journeys to Sacred sites., or retreats.

Yukia feel’s deeply that in this Era of Love, completion is within reach for every single human being who is willing to step into the 'I Am' sovereign authentic loving and peaceful Authority and return Home to a Divine Status fully embodied in the physical reality , Life in this Planet.

YouTube: Yukia Azorath Sandara 






IAs an Energy Facilitator, Mayana has been assisting those looking to shift areas in their lives where they have felt energetically stuck or blocked. In private or group settings, she facilitates sessions to de-programme old paradigms to enable them to have a higher awareness of themselves. Mayana also leads Meditation groups and Retreats. She aims at bringing conscious awareness to thoseanswers in this multi-dimensional world we are becoming more aware of today. Born in Singapore, Mayana grew up in France and has been on her Spiritual journey travelling many countries and is presently residing in Cairo, Egypt

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