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You are invited to join us for the 2021 online Voice alchemy & transmissions Series. 

Yukia Azorah Sandara, brings in through her aspects Her Royal White Lion team, The Elohim and the White Celestial Dolphin wisdom and sonic frequencies from the Golden City of Lemuria/ & Andromeda as well as the grounding knowingness of the Great Grand Mother trees and Apus from the Andes.

  • We will explore what it means to Inter -create within a Unified Field, within a limitless Universe of the Radiance of the Eagle/Condor with the assistance of the Elohim and move forward as a Planet in our sacred journeys on Earth.

  • How to connect & re-birth the creative energy from the umbilical  waters within/without.

  • How to expand the field of Cosmic consciousness within the Core state of awareness from the neutrality of the Diamond field of resonance beyond zero point.

  • How to anchor and earth this Unified Consciousness through the Great Grandmother trees, The Apus/Mountain Spirits within the Sacred Fire & the waters of The Planetary Soul through the Celestial Dolphin Consciousness reactivating ancient Lemurian remembrance & knowingness.

  • How to reconnect, follow and re sync to the natural cycles of Nature from within the sacred Fire flame of the heart within and initiate a new evolutionary time spiral that propels us forward as empowered, free, loving beings – bringing forth an empowered Life to Humanity – Golden White Lions will be guiding it with The elemental Kingdom.

  • This is going to bring a transformative radical organic shift to our Planet  as the Golden White Lions have  claimed in numerous occasions; as we quicken and bring forth higher frequencies, expand our cosmic awareness to resonate to a coherent place of Love, Peace, Truth, Freedom and the Flow in our lives.

  • There will be 5 webinars of 1 hour which will be held in the Zoom webinar Room. Each webinar is recorded and is made available on Vimeo, so that those who cannot attend the Live transmission on Zoom can catch up later. There are also light codes visionary cartography made available after the webinars sent to you on an email to assist you with your integration.


Starting: Sunday 25th July and continues each Sunday weekly.


(1st August, 8th August, 15th August, finishing 22nd August).

Time :  All Live Zoom Transmissions will be at 1PM/PERU time, GMT 7.00 PM and will be for the duration of 1 hour.

Please check your local time and date here.

The course is €144 per person for the Live Transmissions, the Recordings and the Light code visionary Art cartography for the respective sessions.

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Webinar 1: 25th July: This is the Day out of Time, a great time to go within the empty space of the neutrality of the Still point and the 26th is the Planetary New Year within the Cycle of the Mayan calendar and a day of great celebration as the Golden city gates open and the royal white Lion Portal activates fully. We will journey through the Golden City and receive the activations and transmissions from the ancient founders and all golden Star beings as well.

Webinar 2: 1st August: Preparation with sonic frequency activations, transmissions in the language of the founder Angels( the Elohim)  to ignite the etheric fire of Tri- Unity  within the sacred fire of the Heart of our Christ Light Bodies to assist us to regenerate and  cross through the  evolutionary Golden white Lions Gate’s and restore codes of Love , Balance and Harmony, serenity, stillness with all levels of life on Earth and ground them through the amplified Tree and Apus network in our Planet.

Webinar 3: 8th August: 8/8 Group Planetary celebration transmission and a full ceremony activating our voice alchemy, playing instruments, singing songs, activating affirmations whatever the group is guided.

Webinar 4: 15th August: Earthing & Integration.Guidance transmission journey from  the WhiteLions from the Golden Light City to integrate how to manifest into action New   Empowered service Creation’s  and and Abundant life of joy and Love on Earth as Humanity . Elemental Kingdom transmissions and activations.

Webinar 5: 22nd August: Anchoring within the waters of the Planetary Soul group session. Guidance from the white celestial dolphins and the Great Grand Mother Trees, the Apus /Stone Spirits. How to anchor in harmonic Flow with Nature our Creative intents, projects, new assignments and transform them into Compassionate Loving Joyful abundance.

Nov 12, 2023, 12:00 PM GMT-5

Infinite love and have a great journey,

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