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Why have Mentoring?

You may be feeling stuck in your life and unable to unravel the challenges you face. It is tough to see your own blind spots and what is holding you back when you’re in your woundedness.


Mentoring allows you to discover your hidden blocks, gain awareness, and move forward again in your life.  As a mentor, I can look in from the outside and help you free yourself from the patterns that limit you, helping you find your way to heal situations that seemed impossible.


I have never been more at peace with my life than I am today. The mentors I have worked with have made this possible. This doesn’t mean I don’t have obstacles and challenges like everyone else. It just means I look at them as opportunities to grow and expand my experiences of life. 


I ask the universe to bring it on, knowing that I am working closely with Source to learn what I need to learn. Being mentored myself enabled me to stay open, live the life I am meant to live, being more authentic & empowered.


Mentoring can help you to...

  • Deepen your relationship with your Self.

  • Create more meaningful connections with others.

  • Use the challenges of your primary relationship to empower yourself.

  • Live in the present moment and feel more alive.

  • Rediscover who you are, beyond limitations and conditioning.

  • Shift inner perceptions and work to transmute the illusions.

  • Understand the inner work to be explored.

  • Surrender & accept your authenticity.

  • Purify, recalibrate, align, balance & harmonize your energy fields.

  • Open or expand your inner vision.

  • Open the connection and engagement with the Divine You.

  • Manifest a bridge between Heaven and Earth, restore and unify to original Essence.

  • Redesign your new path with clarity and focus.

  • Live a loving and joyful Life.



To find out more about Soul Mentoring, please schedule a free 30 minutes exploratory session. Email me at I look forward to hearing from you! 



Programs are guided by the Group frequency bandwidth and requirements to suit where everyone is on the Journey. It is through the group spiral vortex that Activations/Attunements, Light Code templates , Inter Dimensional scripts , Etheric Tuning healing techniques/modalities , teachings and very practical empowerment assignments  implemented /shared and practiced in physical reality arise. You can say this is an accelerated Living empowerment workshop and runs monthly.


Mentoring Sessions are available for f/f groups on location or online or online for both individual's and groups (via online packages audios or videos +pdf 's + a Zoom session  for QA). You will also receive a Star Lineage skill set report indicating your Planetary experiences, origins and how that maybe part  of your recreation templates on New Earth as per your own Divine Will.

Rates are by monthly packages.


I offer  Source Consciousness Empowerment Mentoring Programs that will support and assist you with the guidance of the totality of my fully integrated Source higher Consciousness, the Angelic Realm and Star families that are specific to you.


All Mentoring Sessions include: 

  • an MP3 recording of each session weekly 

  • an audio or video course sharing weekly

  • emails between sessions/ individual mentoring once

  • a variety of spiritual growth Sonic , Language of LIGHT Activation/Etheric, Inter Dimensional upgraded  tools and Light code Source technology 




Free Exploratory Session:

Email me to receive a free 30 minutes session to ascertain your current situation, challenges and needs, so that I can create a customizable program for you. Following this session, I will make my recommendations to you as to what is the most suitable and balanced program for your needs.


Mastering the Birth of Your Re Created Life Mentoring Program - New Earth


During each week you will receive Transmissions/Activations codes, Light language scripts and light circuitry and Sound harmonizers from Source to guide the process.


This level of personal commitment is for those really wanting personal, focused support to make change for details about this highly specialized program that will require a meeting twice every month for two hours.


This is exciting break-through work to help you heal self-love/self-worth/self-respect issues with relationships with Self and others that feed the negative voice inside which holds us back by telling us that we can’t do things or that we’re unworthy or not good enough, etc.


The primary benefit of this work is learning how to leave chaos behind , manage change/challenges confidently,  learning to love and appreciate yourself first: where all things begin and end–with you and redesigning your new Life. It really is all about you! Note that each week there will be practices, mantras to apply and integrate what you have learnt to your reality. This will be  related to each meeting empowering you to make a new enjoyable routine that accommodates you and your new life style.


 €333 for 2 Months/ NOW 20 % DISCOUNT - € 266

(Twice a month : 2 X 1 hr Mentoring sessions & 2 x 1 hr Activations/Transmissions, group and individual Zoom calls)


Each month you will receive Quantum Light Code ActivationsTransmissions ( audio or video /Light Light language scripts and Activations and Sound harmonizers from Source to guide the process.


Month 1:

Sub-Conscious Cleansing: This will assist in your release of self-sabotaging patterns, helping you bypass many levels of consciousness attached to 3rd dimensional consciousness & the lower planes of 4th dimensional consciousness. It will als impact you genetically,

thus those connected to you will also undergo some subconscious flush. This cleansing process lasts 33 days and can be repeated at the end of this Mentoring  Program/every 33 days. You will receive the recording from this session.

Month 2: 

Changing Your Drama: Understanding the truth behind your life’s obstacles. Yukia will i.a. take you through a meditation into a sacred space to assist you in letting go. This time may also be used to clear karmic contracts.

Month 3:

Accepting the Beauty of Life: Yukia will take you through a meditation with your personal guides, healers, protectors, and guardians joining you in the spirit world leading into the greater worlds of transformation and transmutation. This process will offer you the profound opportunity to "die to the old" and "be reborn within a new world", also extending the healing to your ancestral lineage.

Month 4:

Create a Compelling Vision: The images in our mind either empower or deplete our willpower, which is our inner flame, our passion & our light. Now that you’ve successfully completed the first three months, it’s time to create your compelling vision! Our imagination is stronger than our willpower! The higher parts of you, the Quantum self, (in the Quantum space all things are possible) can communicate with you in an uninhibited fashion where the flow is uninhibited. This is because none of your day-to-day responsibilities and distractions are there to sabotage your efforts!

Month 5: 

Transform who you are: This begins and ends with you! This powerful experience is about understanding that how and what you give and receive is directly related to your “inner game.” It becomes the quality of what you experience here on Earth in your life, your family (spouse or partner if you have one), relationships, and your work/career. We answer the question: Who do I need to be in order to achieve my bigger vision? Soul motivation vs. lower-ego motivation.

Month 6: 

Daily Spiritual Practice: Learn ways to increase intuition, trust, and discernment, which are essential Soul skills. This is an important step to grounding your idea of "Heaven on Earth". Journaling and research techniques will be discussed so that you can create a fun and sacred space for yourself.

Month 7:

Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges: Learning how to create a clear list of any internal and external obstacles and challenges to achieving your vision. This is when belief systems may pop up to be worked on.

Month 8:

 Create your goals, milestones, strategies, and action plans: This time will be used to set goals that are in alignment with your deepest values and most authentic desires. This does not mean discipline, hard work, and sacrifice. It does mean setting the right goal for you and priorities that need to be set. Mostly people don’t set goals because they don’t know what they want. The prior months have helped you to get to this point where you can now see the value of setting goals. Goal setting also helps you discover what goals you want to set, if you don’t know what they are.

Months 9-11: 

 Integrating & Applying: These next 3 months will be spent on supporting you through integrating and applying what is learned, as well as providing a "reading-type" session as further confirmation on you working and moving forward in any of your goals.

Month 12:

Celebration, Closure, and Future Vision


PRICE: Enquire by email for details at

Different Payment Plans are available. 



Yukia works from a very  high level of consciousness that not only enormously empowered me but  also gave me  clear guidance to anchor these new insights and the work that was done during the sessions in my daily life.

                                                       Chantal Gill’ard, the Netherlands

                                       Former Member of the House of Representatives


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