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“The more you are able to experience the activation & the transmission of your light encodements, subliminal Light tunes ups of ultra Light, the more effortless knowing will guide you to open the doors inside your own Divine Unity Consciousness!”


Yukia, intuitively guided, tunes in to your Soul request and your higher consciousness and translates on the canvas its response to recall and remember your knowingness, your passion to complete the merging with You, the best version of yourSelf.


You will receive a unique digital to print created by Yukia specifically for you for the purpose of activating your multi dimensionality , your connection with your Star Family , Your intuition as you ask questions and meditate on it daily.


Yukia will sound through her angelic  harmonic resonance voice each art piece and thus, each piece transmit's higher ultra light vibrations and frequency  codes of light and medicine. The more you are able to experience the Activation of your MAPP OF THE CREATOR within the Art  piece, the more effortless knowing will guide you.


A Mp4 Message will accompany each Soul transmission. 


These Divine Transmission Sound Codes for your Art piece are meant to be received repeatedly to recalibrate, adjust, align balance, harmonize, restore and reunite to original blue print 9 energy bodies of man and begin build your bodies of light.


Place an order and send from your heart:

  • 2 descriptive sentences about yourself

  • 2 questions for your personal Soul transmission

  • or just request a general Transmission from your Divine Essence 


Please allow 2 weeks for the digital work to be downloaded after payment is completed. You will receive further instructions upon ordering.


Light Coded SOUL MAPPING Activated Transmission Art piece's with  Sound Activation for Your home, business, specific Retreats, Healing Houses, projects, VR Projections for Festivals are also available to be created upon request 


Fees for these are agreed upon request with Yukia.


You are invited to send an email to Yukia  at to request it .


Infinite Love ,

Yukia Azorah Sandara 


€188.00 Regular Price
€133.00Sale Price
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