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3 hours of activations# discover your voice# embody your language of Light #

  • 3 hr
  • 287 euros
  • Online Session

Service Description

This is an invitation to connect with your Soul and dive deeper into the beautiful gift of our own unique voice and activate the language of light coded in your DNA. Discover and explore the beauty of singing together and connecting to your Angelic or Galactic or Mother Earth ‘s Frequency and ultimately your Essence. This is your birth rite. Singers , speakers and chanters -from total beginners to experienced are welcome. Discover ,explore and develop your authentic voice and find the freedom within it. Connect to your natural harmonic resonance through embodied exercises and practices. We will be working in activating the inter Galactic Ancient Mother sound from the Cosmos and From Pachamama, Mother Terra and fuse/unite both in an harmonic coherent Universal note. Most of us think of an Alchemist as being someone who can turn lead into gold. However, historically Alchemists were also the scientists and those who studied methods of healing, and made medicines. You can learn to make your own elixir within your own body, with through activating your own Sound. Becoming your own Voice Alchemist is a way to release, often hidden, blockages to free expression and creativity and allow you to move towards becoming the master of your own health and happiness. You will learn how to focus your intention and the healing power of your mind and the heart. We have all felt when sound has given us the shivers. Sound changes your brain chemistry completely.. It is a very powerful tool for transformation. It is the vehicle for your intention to transform and heal. It assist you to reformat , reframe, recalibrate, upgrade your neural pathways , your meridians and glandular flow and last and not least your cell structure and DNA . I use a very holistic approach to health and healing guided by my experience and intuition. Your sessions will include Visual activated light Coded language of Light and visionary Art. Breathwork, Movement, Voice Alchemy, Inter Galactic & Earth language of Light activations, Meditation journeys. I have found that the key is to listen to You to your body, your innate wisdom that resides in your tiny chamber of the heart ,become more confident in your intuition, learn to use sound as a tool for vibrational healing and radical transformations in your life. Looking forward to working with you and playing, Yukia Sandara check my you tube videos - Yukia Azorath Sandara My vimeo: Azorah Sandara

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