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Take a Quantum Leap . 4 Sessions + one for free - Expand Y BIZ field with your Heart/Soul Self

  • 10 hr
  • From 777 euros
  • Online meet up

Service Description

“ACCELERATED SOUL Mentoring - is customized for the Soul activation, expansion and development and accelerated growth in consciousness and your alignment and creation of your new spiritual practice. It s designed to assist you to consciously align your empowered service skillsets, potentials with your new project/business to be launched. We will be focusing on your creations ! ACTIVATION OF YOUR SOUL REMEMBRANCE We will also activate how to deepen the relationship to yourself and to those around you, helping you to navigate with grounded clarity and consciousness as you amplify and evolve as a Soul and align it to your business practice. The mentoring online sessions last 2 hours each will provide guidance, insight and understanding on different topics customized to activate each person's uniqueness and your Remembrance within your DNA. They are self empowering tools , assignments, mini projects, skillsets , technology , activations, transmissions , soul cartography visionary art , and it encourages You to move through your trapped patterns, your deepest core wounds and shadows , tap into your own power , sovereignty , Love and Gifts with grace and ease. It allows you to reclaim your space as a Universal Cosmic Being in the New Earth and to truly step in to it.” The sessions contain teachings , transmissions from spirit, sound and language of light activations, the various creative practices of moving through fear and to Truth of who you really are! We co-create tools to assist you to integrate the Essence OF YOUR TRUE Self and ground all your higher versions, aligning them with the natural cycles of nature and sync them with your mental, emotional, spiritual, galactic human aspect on Earth. We then move into integration and anchoring with the nature elements fire, water, spaciousness, earth and ether and some of those still unknow to humanity to assist you to embody your new Creator Being and your project. We use symbols, light codes and visionary energy signature art and sound to activate that into the DNA REMEMBRANCE and bring forth the wisdom of Higher Consciousness of your Soul Essence . LOOKING FORWARD TO CONNECTING with all the higher aspects of your Core. SPECIAL: FROM 777 /1000 EUROS This package is for 5 Sessions of Soul Mentoring/coaching - 1 hour per session. You can also contact me and have a 30 m free explorer chat , Together we will tailor make your program. Payment plan can be arranged.

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