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Activate your Soul Essence

  • 1 h
  • 145 euros
  • Online Session

Service Description

Part of incarnate experience and projections of the Over Soul or Magna Soul is the paragenetic memory circuit of the soul. We’re all familiar with the physical genetic code, but there is also a paragenetic code, or soul memory circuit; they hold the information of the entire Divine Spark journey since its inception. There are different memory cells within the full memory circuitry; interplanetary, inter -Galactic, intra -Galactic, Solar systems, Universal Earth Bound collective system and these sessions activate the memory of those into remembrance either for timeline resolution – collapse, healing, erasing or to bring forth to the surface as conscious gifts to be re – embrace, integrated and embodied. The session is a symbiotic dance between two explorers, one as a conduit and catalyst accelerating the frequency and the other journeying to Remembrance and home to the True Self. Booking this session will book session 1. However this work is complete and more efficient with another 2 sessions. These will be booked directly with Yukia. This is what Dora Walder, experienced in the session : "When the Soul is ready a teacher appears. My soul was ready for next big step to dive deeper and higher in her evolutionary state. It was just an inner call, I was going through the most challenging time of my life. Beloved Sister Yukia Sandara offered me assistance and I felt this is the right path. So we started with the Paragenetic Soul Memory Circuitry sessions. We started this journey with clearing, cleansing and removing what was still has to be erased, transformed, ... Working on ego aspects, entity interaction, archetypes, sub frequencies. A large part of the journey for me was living the Dream Life on the Earth, the Real Essence. Reaching the place where my heart was wide opened feeling so much inside; crying not because of sadness but overall craving to share love, compassion, kindness, gentleness, softness, peace, passion of the beauty with All there Is. With so much gratefulness in my heart and love in my soul, I would like to express deep appreciation to Yukia Sandara for giving me the opportunity and taking me on this amazing journey back Home. " - Dora Valder

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