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Your Soul path - Activating , remembrance, and skillsets

  • 1 h
  • From 125 euros
  • Online Session

Service Description

“A multidimensional Soul mapping and profile, I share information by drawing your own mapp of the Creator Light code and sharing information with you about who you are in Essence with all multiverse facets – interplanetary, inter galactic, Inner Earth - assignments, purpose, skill sets that are relevant for current moment in your Life. It is like the Cosmic Library opens itself up in revelation from that Void ascended state of consciousness ; it activates what this life might be about for you, where you are going to and how to find your own anchor and Joy and love. I assist you to ignite the remembrance of how to deepen the relationship to yourself and to those around you, helping you to navigate with grounded clarity through the illusionary sub games and frequencies in your sub -consciousness to activate expansion and assist you to design a path of evolvement as a Soul. A reading in summmary offers: * A cell Memory Activation Message to elevate your vibration and life purpose alignment. * Receive a ultra Light frequency Tune -IN so all knowingness and wisdom from the Divine spark is anchored and manifested into Action in your physical reality on Earth. *Receive Personal empowering guidance to connect you closer with your Divine Consciousness /Essence enabling you to act with Love , Wisdom and Compassion as you charter your path ahead as a Soul. This activated guidance, insight and understanding, activates your uniqueness and your Remembrance within your DNA /RNA to encourage You to tap into your own power , sovereignty , Love and Gifts with grace and ease. It allows you to reclaim your space as a Universal Cosmic Being and to truly step in to it. ” The sessions contain transmissions, sound and light language, creative practice of integrating One Self, alignment and anchoring the nature elements, supported by sacred geometry and the wisdom of Higher Consciousness . The sessions are to connect you with all the aspects of One Self and to assist you to integrate into the New Earth. To trust the journey within and claim the One Self in it’s fullness and presence. These sessions are moved by spirit of the embodied ascended Self within this physical Reality.

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