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Expand your energy field and radiate your light by the healing sounds, messages and practical tools offered by Yukia.

Quantum  Light frequency Healing

Every session is customized depending on the individual needs of the client. Yukia is a Holistic Life coach and a Energy Healer /frequency activator/accelerator. 

Yukia is here  with the ultimate aim to assist you to find your own Mastery and to raise your frequencies in order to vibrate and exist from your own Inner Space of the Heart , self empowered and returned to Love. 


Yukia tunes into her higher Consciousness, her Higher Self and Her multi dimensional aspects in Planetary Bodies  that guide her and she works  to find out what the real causes are of the life's challenges  that you may be experiencing within your body Mind and Spirit through activations, repair and upgrades on your DNA .


During a Session all you need to do is relax. Your intention and willingness to heal will be the key to your healing.

Working with the Angels & Star Beings, Yukia will guide you through healing meditations with her  light Language gifts and  sound harmonic frequencies from her own voice .

The approach is  personalized for your situation to release and cleanse your auric or your electro magnetic field , untie you from cords and agreements that you might be holding for along time that are holding you back from fulfilling a happy and joyful life and facilitate a program for your healing where you take the driver's seat .

Through the Diamond Light therapy , sacred geometry and light language she assist's to repair DNA, aligns , recalibrates and facilitate's the restoration and activation process of all your aspects not in balance or harmony or not serving to come to the surface . that require afterwards  your own Inner work . As a life coach Yukia will support this work and plan a program for you if necessary .


The Angels/Star Beings and Yukia often continue to work with individuals also for a period of days/weeks after a session.


These healings can be done via skype as long as the client is comfortably seated and has privacy, or in person at Yukia's practice. After the session you will be sent a MP3 /MP4 recording of your session.

For an appointment and/or if you have more questions, please email Yukia.


€ 77 : 40 minutes

@website Store

Quantum Golden & DIAMOND  Light frequency Healing

Each Multiverse  Healing session is designed depending on the individual needs of the client. Yukia tunes into her higher Mind , the Akasha of the client's Soul  and to multiverse dimensional Beings that she works through her aspects that co exist in the Planets or in the inter Galactic platform . This tuning provides clues of  what the real causes are of the difficulties that you may be experiencing, what past and future life's maybe affecting you , what is your soul 's request and purpose or what  alignments, recalibration's , repair, healing  or restoration  needs to be facilitated or looked at in order for you to reunite back to Oneness within yourself 


The sessions will contain transmissions, sound and light language. They also include the creative practice of integration of One's Self and alignment /anchoring  with  the nature elements within the body of Mother Earth. The process is supported by Sacred Geometry and the wisdom of Higher Consciousness.


The sessions are to coach /facilitate and connect you to some of the aspects of Higher Self that are coming to the surface and to assist you to integrate into the New Earth; to trust the journey within and claim the Self in its fullness and Presence through your own individual Inner work . 


  • Rediscover who you are as a Soul

  • Heal , harmonize and balance emotional and sexual trauma and clear cellular and skeleton memory

  • Cultivate intimacy with your body well grounded on Earth

  • Heal , retrieve and reclaim soul split's or fragments lost 

  • Reclaim your power and return to your core center

  • Heal and and Shift inner perceptions.

  • Purify, align & balance your energy fields, open or expand your inner vision

  • Learn to forgive, love and accept your self and others without any conditions.

  • Speak your truth from your authentic voice and trust your inner guidance

  • Understand the inner work to be explored.

  • Surrender and accept to your authenticity, the love and powerful being that you are.

Post session Tool Kit given with a set of practices for you to:

  • Work through your ancestral lineage , karmic and shadow imprints and trauma bodies through a simple process to release them

  • To reprogram old beliefs of undeservingness and open to receiving all of life’s blessings and abundance

  • Embrace your sacred gifts and receive tools to embrace your sensitivities without being overwhelmed by them.

1hour session :€ 133

@Website Store 


Holistic Energy Healing & Life Coaching

3 Sessions: €390

@Website Store



Yukia can see into your soul, where you’ve been, where your wounds are and where you are going. She can guide you to create an inspiring and joy-filled life. This she does with wisdom, tenderness, and the ever-steady hand supported by the ancestors. The soul retrieval that you did with me was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. I experienced great love, great insight, and great healing. Thank you for your grace, skills, integrity and wisdom. 

J.Tariah / Holistic teacher and Healer/ Cancun Mexico

.”Yukia helps manifesting a bridge within, between the soul’s capacity and life on earth. I was not living my highest self without this manifestation into the material. The session I received was full of love and wisdom. I was connected with the planetary origin of my soul. This powerful connection changed my view on life on myself and on others for ever. With sound and channeling Yukia reaches a very high level of consciousness that not only enormously empowered me but she also gives a tool kit with clear guidance to anchor these new insights  and the work that was done during the session in my daily life. She channels very powerful light beings. Yukia knows what she is doing and has a professional approach. She is imbedded in a global network of light workers and sound healers and can easily explain her work in a broader context.

Chantal Gill’ard, the Netherlands/Former Member of the House of Representatives

The healing/Mentoring journey that I had with Yukia was nothing short of amazing. As a past sufferer of physical abuse during the first 13 years of my life, I realized I had very deep unexpressed rage within my whole being, my body. The last 10 years of my life have been devoted to doing the work to clear this suffering and bring greater joy and happiness into my life!!!



Yukia’s powerful healing came at the perfect time during my healing journey. She literally detached me from the powerful bulbs of stuck energy that have kept me attached to this anger persona.

I have since been able to redefine my life according to that which I create to serve my highest good rather than that which reflects my primal emotions. I am incredibly grateful for this divinely orchestrated intervention in my life.

 I give profound thanks to Yukia and her utmost professionalism in holding such a powerfully loving, determined and focused space throughout the entire sessions. I entrust anyone who is searching to her healing care.of the heart . Blessings!

Sophie Amat , Bali ,Indonesia /Entrepreneur Social Media

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