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“ As great as the infinite space beyond is the space within the lotus of the heart. Both heaven and earth are contained in that inner space, both fire and air, sun and moon, lightning and stars. Whether we know it in this world or know it not, everything is contained in that inner space.” Chandogya Upanishad.



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Activation Code - Light body

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Divine Sacred Circuitry

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Divine Sacred Circuitry

Light Language Script 

Know yourself more deeply. - Clear & cleanse yourself .

Healing of emotional wounds .- Taking back full responsibility.

Use your upsets & triggers for the purpose of deeper healing.  

Receive tools & practices to maintain the shifts you make. - Shift old belief systems. 

Practise forgiveness & love. - Live with more passion, joy & happiness! 


NEW HUMAN TEMPLATE GATEWAY  Consciousness Source Healing  


          Light Language  Tuning           Tools 

Dolphin Sphere Sound transmisson

Activation Code    Prosperity

Light Language Script 

Activation Code - Light body

Light Circuitry

Light Language  transmission - planet Earth

Light Language  Sound Transmission

Light Language Script 

“ As great as the infinite space beyond is the space within the lotus of the heart. Both heaven and earth are contained in that inner space, both fire and air, sun and moon, lightning and stars. Whether we know it in this world or know it not, everything is contained in that inner space.” Chandogya Upanishad.



Upon request, Yukia will tune in to your Soul to facilitate a healing. She receives Divine guidance from her Higher Mind, her multi dimensional Guides and the Akasha which is then translated into transmissions in a form of Sound, Activation Key Codes, Sacred Circuitry, Light language spoken and in Divine scripts, to be sent to you.  

These tools are by no means a final answer to your prayers to complete your healing.  

They are tools to tune your Body and Mind to awaken and align with spirit, to assist you in the repair, to activate part ‘s of your Self that is lying dormant and is coming up swiftly  to the surface, to raise your frequency, to activate your DNA, to clear and cleanse emotional/ mental blockages that have lodged themselves in deep layers unseen and unperceived from the conscious mind. These tools will assist you to return to more vitality, to become more aware and conscious. 

However, Your personal investment on your own Inner alchemy is a prerequisite and a loving empowering way that you as a way shower a disciple or initiate will live up to your own truth and full potential in this Planet. 

Yukia is providing the guidance, the  facilitation, the tools, the wisdom and knowledge, loving  information and practices, share her own experiences and hold space for you. But bare in Mind that the one who is taking  the driver’s seat in this journey back to your pure essence is You, thus full responsibility and commitment to your own Self to return to Your Inner Space of the Heart is required.  

The study of the information provided is the study of energy and forces within your selves, their source and their effect as they play through the various agents of release, producing changes in consciousness and thereby changes in form. The  forces and energies will play through your mechanism whether you are aware of it or not, whether you make an effort to direct them or not, and effects are produced, in your life, your electrical and Magnetic mechanism and your environment.

 The keynote of this work is “discipleship service motivated by love of humanity”.

Yukia and her Star family are welcoming  you warmly to navigate towards embodiment of your Source Higher Consciousness within.




The Greek-derived word ‘ether’ is defined as a, "hypothetical medium, supposed to fill space, by means of vibrations in which light and other forms of radiation are transmitted. 


Ether is a  basically dynamic vibratory energy. Dynamic, because it is in motion, and this motion always follows a vortex path. It is the formless infinitive volume of a cosmos defined boundary. It is infinitive waveforms of defined space that are like a packet of compressed information of pre-potentiated programs which unfold accordingly  to how the observer's ''psyche'' (the individual consciousness) intents reality to present it self.


Since etheric energy is essentially a broad spectrum of frequencies, these frequencies, once accumulated, can be transferred onto other objects by way of resonance. They are infinite in depth, meaning they have no closure and are thus cycle-less. The term frequency is used to define the rate at which waveforms accelerate into infinity. Light Language is an Etheric Frequency.

As a whole being, the human body resonates to a broad spectrum of etheric frequencies. If the human being is healthy, these frequencies are in perfect harmony to one another. Their energy fields of objects and their color emanations differ according to their chemical composition. It follows, that the numerous cells, organs and symbiotic organisms within us also resonate to different etheric frequencies. 


Our bodies are the spiritual informers that allow for the flow of this energy and our organs have light pathways that can be consciously turned on, thereby accelerating the rise of the electrical energy in the spinal cord and spinal fluid.


These resonant harmonized vibrations, “ These tuners “ are created through the Inner Space of the Heart pulse that then purifies the signals and receives them with clarity through intuition. 

They are meant to be received and visualized from the Inner space of your heart and integrated in your Body, Mind and Spirit Complex  from a state of contemplation and connection. 

Both the conscious and the subconscious mind is activated at different levels.





Listening to the sound and Light Language Activators, Accelerators , Atunements transmission's  in conjunction with the rest of these tuning tools repeatedly is key in order to enhance your healing; repair, re-calibrate, adjust, align, balance, harmonize, restore and reunite  with your original blue print and the 9 energy bodies of man, so you can begin to build your Bodies of Light and thus  integrate the New Human geometry into your Body, Mind Spirit complex like a radio tuner.  


These tuning tools are received by email upon your request as per Tuning tool package of your choice but they will have to be activated through the appropriate commands to "grid reference" the energy for you to receive in it’s fullness within your own time and your own place.


Once your email is received indicating your choice of package, Yukia will get back to you within more or less 24 hours to indicate what activation command mantra ‘s and time frame  is expected for you to receive your “Etheric Tuning Tools” to assist you  on your journey to heal balance, harmonize, activate, collect parts of Higher Aspects  and return to that Inner Space of the Higher Heart/Higher Mind. 


It takes about 20-40 minutes to receive each one after the Light language Mantra activates them with the appropriate commands. We suggest you to sit in profound meditation and contemplation, as it will assist your integration process. 

You will then be emailed with the sound codes, activation Key codes and the instructions for how to receive them. 








Activation Code digital drawing &  Light Language Activation /Attunement + Sound transmission MP3 


This is a Source  transmission for this time of transition on our New Human Gateway  - a Light Code Art Technology  + Light  Language activation /attunement  +Sonic  Higher Consciousness  transmission  to  assist with the repair ,calibration and Reconfiguration adjustments in the  DNA of the  New Human Template. You will receive a scanned image of the code and you will also receive an mp3 recording on how to activate it from the Grid and use it in a practice with a Soul empowerment and integration message. 

€ 33 



Light  Circuitry drawing  + Light Language scripts + Sound Transmission


This is a Source Consciousness transmission to adjust, Harmonize ,Balance and integrate  the New Human Template Higher Heart/Higher Mind and Sacral -  It is a light circuit + Light language Script +Sonic transmission.

 You will receive a scanned image's  of the light  script 's and circuits . In addition  you will also receive an mp3 recording on how to use the light  script and circuit, how to apply the practice.  

You will  also receive a MP3 with a message and a sound frequency transmission to assist you synching into the new upgrades and make up of this New Human Gateway.  Some practical techniques and exercises  will be sent to you with a decoded message of the work undertaken. 

€ 77


Activation Codes +  Light Language scripts  + Light Language + Sound transmission + suggested circuitry + Decoded message from Source Consciousness  

This package provides all the etheric tools  + an audio + a Inter Galactic Star decoded Message on the upgrades, inter Galactic skillsets integrating , transformations and Interface changes in integration within the New Human Template and the impact of these in the Star Seed path ahead.  It will also explore your energy and soul body & provide Quantum  enhancement advice to play with .. The package includes a combination of all etheric tuning tools that will assist in your discension into the Collective Self and assist to Harmonize your Ascension process aligning it to the fullness of your Universal Source Presence.  

€ 125 Special Now  € 97 




These High Frequency Sounds  and Songs are tuned to the Inner Space ( Heart ) Resonance and are meant to be listened  repeatedly to enhance the fullness of the healing recalibrate, adjust, align, balance, harmonize, restore and reunite to your original blue print , The Mind, Body and Spirit complex and assist  you to sustain  a life of joy from your  Inner Space. 



Represents the singing of streaming light in the form of glyphs writing or the spoken word that shapes itself geometrically and  assists in DNA enhancement, healing and accessing universal information.  


Light language has no direct translation to any known language, as it is a language of feeling that emanates through the heart. Its energy contains a high content of universal purity as it works as deeply as the art of Sacred Circuitry. 


“In the Library of Sophia (Philo Sophia), there  is a book that contains letters in the form of symbols / glyphs / key codes. These have been created from light - black fire on white fire to create ‘fire letters’.” 
This book has within it pages of equal small squares and in each, a perfectly placed symbol – all-different. Very neat and very precise. These are used to create ‘words that build’. The letters are structured from symbols that represent sacred geometry and many that show the rudimentary shapes of all ancient languages - Berber / Arabic Abjad is very close to this. The lines, symbols and shapes when combined and overlaid each other create a unique ‘glyph’ that has the power to build or create the object they represent.  


The glyph has meaning in that it becomes a blueprint or tool to build the form of matter – it is an electro-magnetic key word. The word is transportable – it can be moved and placed in any time, any space, in any universe and in any dimension. The word can be passed from one to another – it can be understood and reproduced. They are unlimited in their use and potential. They allow all who understand their power to create from choice – of free will. The letters form the Absolute Universal Creator’s language. 
Words created from the language are multi-dimensional, created across many dimensions, differing vibrations of electro-magnetic energy. They can only be created and evoked by a creator being that has mastered all the relevant dimensions and frequency range of vibrations. Knowledge of the fire letters can create pyramids and crumble mountains. Each word composed from the language cannot be misinterpreted. They have the same concept everywhere in the universe.  


They cannot be used or thought of in any other way than they are.  

The language is immutable, it remains permanent and constant. This is the language of Spiritual and Physical Laws and Creation. It is the language that creates and will release gravity and forces, that holds together atoms, that makes stars burn and planets spin.  


This is the language of DNA – the set of language codes that describe the whole blueprint from the first atom to the last fingerprint. It is the universal language that creates and holds together every part of consciousness – it is the equations of form and of matter itself.” 



this illustrates the original language of Creation as is also known as the ‘ Mother tongue of the Angels” or ‘’ The Language of the Angels”. Everyone on Earth once spoke this language, so your ability to retrieve that memory and that remembrance is available.

This language spoken and written manifested itself upon my awakening and through time I have learnt to decode the various scripts. These light language scripts and inter-dimensional symbols codes are “living languages” sending out resonant frequencies to all who view them. They are sent telepathically or through revelation and are accessed from a state of contemplation and connection with your own Inner space of the heart.

It enhances creative energy, it reveals to you areas in your life where power is held in illusion, it allows for enhanced connection with your inner space of the heart and your Galactic family, it purifies you, it functions as an acceleration activation containing DNA upgrades frequencies and communication to bring expansion, Peace, enhanced awareness whilst at the some time raising, your frequency. This helps also to increase perception and with the flow of pure emotion, so full consciousness and awareness is ignited from you returning  to your own power and to Yourself.


LIGHT  CIRCUITRY: represents hyper-dimensional language of symbols received through a natural connection to universal love and harmony. Everyone has the ability in their own way to receive these magnificent symbols that can assist us in a majority of different ways. Sacred circuitry has the ability to reassemble and activate areas within our DNA on a deep mitochondrial level. It can assist in healing, clearing negatively aligned thought forms, enhance abilities and even retrieve universal information as a powerful permission slip.


ACTIVATIONS: are energy bulbs that assist you in seeing and clearing the things in your reality that no longer serve you. By receiving an Activation or Energy Code, you are given a chance to step forward on a potential path and lighten your energy by the activation energy. They are sent for the highest version of yourself and personal good through your source connection. 


LIGHT CODES: are multi dimensional energy activations  to enhance sectors of consciousness, allowing you to perceive your reality from a higher perspective. These codes are packages of  intuitive codes , symbols , sacred geometry and sound and light frequency in ancient languages of light that are transmitted in the moment specifically for the group that is gathered.  

Know yourself more deeply. - Experience  personal purification

Heal  emotional wounds and trauma bodies .- Take back full responsibility.

Use all your upsets & triggers to journey into a deeper healing.


Allow yourself to transmute , to transcend to transfigure 

Receive tools & practices to maintain the shifts  in frequencies  you make.


Shift Old consciousness 

Embrace  the New Way on Earth 

Practice forgiveness & Love. - Live with more passion, joy & happiness!


Yukia Qwi An Sandara 

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