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Activations are energy bulbs that assist you in seeing and clearing the things in your reality that no longer serve you. By receiving an Activation or Energy Code, you are given a chance to step forward on a potential path and lighten your energy by the activation energy. They are sent for the highest version of yourself and personal good through your source connection. 

These activations will assist in activating and awakening everything within you to grow and expand with grace, ease, and efficiency. As the new Planet becomes your reality, these activations are an exploration and a self adventure journey too.

Please find a quiet space to receive them and they take more or less 15-20 minutes to be received even if the audio is only 2 or 4 minutes. They are received from the sacred space of the heart.

Each is like a vortex of energy coming from the sonic vibration and the language of the heart.

They work at DNA/RNA level highlighting at times what does not serve and not anymore in alignment with your highest good. Programs and limiting beliefs are sometimes released or it sets in the core of the self to elevate and maintain a constant level of consciousness and awareness. They are also potential upgrades and work in a graceful step in accordance with your own Divine Blueprint.

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