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Light Codes Explanation  - Yukia Sandara
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Source Consciousness - Light Tuning Frequency Codes

CREATIVE EXPRESSION EXPLORATION AND PROCESS DURING ARTWORK: In the beginning of this process, the images designed carried a lot of aspects of myself  collected from the Past  and future life’s as it was experimental and trying to determine the most effective and dynamic way for this Planet and Humanity to assimilate this energy either for resolution or the collection of gifts and talents of the Soul.

Now they are different styles more or less and they apply to different purposes;

  • The Galactic temple energy and technology , that upgrades the brain capacity , firer’s all the internal code and system blueprint of the Human template as well as the body of Gaia, also links you to your star family and multi –dimensional parts of yourself.

  • The Light codes that activate remembrance of Past and projected timelines that ignite the reframing of those scripts or their healing collapse;

  • The light attunement ones that deprogram the corrupted field of potentials projected into future timelines not serving soul growth and expansion.

  • There are also frequency changing accelerators that effect change in the frequency of your thoughts, emotions and basically the mind, body and spiritual complex  upgrading energy , memory at the speed of light  and the multi layered holographic images to assist to refine and activate your multi dimensional consciousness

  • Then the ones to heal the body and expand your collective field, trigger gifts and potentials to avail themselves or accelerate a quickening in your DNA.

  • Finally those that activate the manifestation of new ascended frequencies of the Self which are translated in new potentials , like New Earth technologies, accelerators and healing modalities.

USE OF THE LIGHT CODE ARTWORK: Place the artwork in your walls/phone, tablets  and in places where you have your sanctuary too.

Enter the sacred chambers of the Heart and feel into the Art work from that Loving spaciousness.

In a contemplative and meditative state work with a single or a  combination of images , depending on the purpose or what needs to be addressed, expressed , healed , erased , upgraded or revealed for your own growth and expansion as a soul.

Alpha Centaurus


Cosmic & Eclipse








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