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"Ceremony - the intentional use of symbols combined with action. The intangible becomes real! 

Yukia Qwi An Sandara




  • Diversity of ceremonies available that are adjusted to the group dynamics or the individual Soul's quest

  • Intentional use of symbols from nature to interconnect with the Heart of everything

  • To assist you in gaining clarity on your life and return to your centre

  • Duration: 2 - 4 hours

  • On reservation and availability




  • Energy techniques to ground, center, empower & recharge you

  • Learn to master techniques

  • Breathing practices - the basis of spiritual connection and inner peace

  • Increase life force and raise frequency

  • Clearing, balancing, aligning, harmonising 

  • Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

  • On reservation and availability

Group meditation in 



"An opportunity to sense who you are"

Angelic Meditation:


Yukia tunes in, and first through her sound angelic voice she asks the Angelic Realms to check where you or the group is at and what your soul’s request is.


She then takes you through an Angelic and Planetary meditation together with the magnificent Beings which enables you to open your connection, correct imbalances and harmonize, and align your heart to return to Love and Unity with your Self.


(1.5 hrs) € 25 p/p 



Earth and Sky Speak to Us Meditation:


Nature Awareness Attunement outside during day time, dawn, sunset and/or starry night.


Yukia takes you through a visualization & meditation practice.


A time of deep observing, as you relax into the "now" awareness. Begin to sense energies, textures, qualities of light and shadow. Make a personal friendship with a tree.


Sink into the earth and invite connection with her vibration/energies.

See the crystalline pattern within the rocks. Listen to bird sounds and see the landscape through the eyes of one of the wild animals as you practice vibrational shapeshifting to sense their spirit and allow that to enliven you. 


(4 hrs) €33 p/p Group 

Chamber of Light Meditation 


Yukia will take you into the holographic Chambers of Light (inside the Pyramid), which hold a certain Grid frequency. Yukia transmits from the Pleidians, 

Sirians, Arcturians or Andromedas a Sound Harmonic resonance bath.


Includes voice, tibetan balls, drumming and Light Language. This will assist you to recalibrate, align your energy fields, adjust, balance, harmonize and restore you to a more stable state. 


Yukia‘s Higher Self, Angelic Guides & Aspects and your Higher Self, Angelic Guides will transmit messages that you will recognize and resonate with.


This is a group session which takes about 2 hours.


(2 hrs) €44 p/p Group



"An opportunity to sense who you are"

Sun & Moon Ceremony

This ceremony can occur during Sunrise/Sunset/Full Moon/New Moon.


Yukia has held regular fire ceremonies at either Sunrise, Sunset or Full Moon & New Moon. 


Through the Divine Mother and the Star Beings, these meditations assist to blend the senses with nature.


Tools used on the Ceremonial ground can be voice, drumming & tibetan bowls.


(2 hrs)  €22 p/p Group





Circle Ceremony


Connect to all Kingdoms of Nature with sound & visualisations during the Circle Ceremony. 


Using sacred ritual & ceremony you will make an offering of intentions that you want to manifest in your life and release all things into the fire that do not serve your highest purpose. 


Voice, tibetan bowls, etc.


(2hr) €22 p/p Group


Meet the Elements 


You are invited to practice ways of being in nature as a doorway of inspiration:


Divining walks, rock divining, vision circles, observe tree wisdom, embrace the elements and read the signs of nature through messages mirrored to you.


Interpret the ancestral perceptions of the living Earth and what the elements at play and the messages of the site are.


(4 hrs) €44p/p Group 

Sun Gazing Ceremony


Learn to connect with the Sun and the Galactic core through an array of visualisations, practices and techniques. 


You will have the opportunity to sungaze on the most magical and mystical Lemurian beaches in the Algarve.


Yukia will take you through a practice of focusing your attention through the blending of the senses and your third eye by activating your connection through the sound of her own voice and a varied array of sungazing techniques in magnificent sacred spots in the Algarve.


 (2 hrs) €44 p/p Group




About Ceremony

Ceremony establishes an atmosphere of energy where we can connect, support and nourish our feelings, our spirituality. We can use ceremonial space to honor, to bless, to heal, to dedicate, to give thanks and to energize.


Ceremony helps to release the past, that which no longer serves us, and helps us focussing on what needs changing in our lives, finding new ways forward, enabling us to understand our own spiritual journey.


When Community comes together in a circle, it is more empowering. Energetically we encourage and help each other stay in touch with our hearts, our feelings, our power, our love. So when we take that step back into our everyday life where we are, we are more in touch with our Self.


We become more confident. We have more courage. We have a greater sense of self-worth. We begin to walk in our power!


Yukia facilitates the meditation together with her guides and aspects. The aim is for you to master meditation techniques. Yukia has taught meditation skills for many years in a fun, joyous and inspiring way. 


Do you want to deepen your meditation practice? And lift up your experience by group work? Make your reservation by sending your message!


For more information about the prices, availability and content, ask Yukia for advice. Just fill in the below contact form and she will reach out for you.  


Customized Individual Meditation is € 33 ,- per person and ceremony starts with a range between €55 - € 88 for an individual depending on the the length of time . The more people, the lower the price per person. 


Hope to see you soon! 

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