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Discover and deepen the unspoken wisdom within yourself. A space, divine and meaningful, which answers your life questions. 

Soul journeys guided by Yukia offer an informal and unique opportunity to (re)connect with your authenticity and the REAL you. 

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Yukia offers a range of light codes and various products in the online shop.

Additionally, past events have now been made available to purchase in various formats.

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From multi-dimensional soul reading, paragenetic circuitry to akashic records, Yukia offers a variety of sessions aimed towards a holistic audience.

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As a creator, Yukia has generated a vast amount of free content for you to enjoy, from free light codes, meditations & activations to various powerful soul teachings.

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Delve deeply into an adventure, an exploration of the Quantum YOU, as the Holographic Self – unites with the Quantum Unified field of All there Is on Earth. The Golden Key gifted is to Unite with Soul family and actively Co create synergies, projects, Communities and Playgrounds together.


  • Personal Holographic Signature Frequency

  • Group Memory Circuitry Activation

  • Light Language Activations

  • Meditations & Journeys

  • Soul Wisdoms On Various Topics

+ 3 Free e-Books!

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Discover the REAL YOU!

  • Rediscover who you are, beyond limitations and conditioning.

  • Open or expand inner vision.

  • Shift inner perceptions, release personality & self-identity.

  • Surrender and accept to your authenticity, the love and powerful being you are.

  • Purify, recalibrate, align, balance & harmonize energy fields.

  • Redesign your new path with clarity and focus.


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"Let me guide you into a deeper state of awareness, joy and peace!"

‘It is my passion and my purpose to aid in the awakening of others and help them shift their lives to live a happier, more fulfilling existence. It really inspires me seeing people have big breakthroughs that shift their current reality bringing them closer to themselves, Their God Self , and others, with an open heart’.

Passage to Luminae - By Yukia 'Atika (2009)



Like a human butterfly, Elaina balances her wings between the Real World and the Spirit World, journeying through the centre of her heart. Join Elaina in her flight to Luminae!

About the Author

I am a student of all life force, walking this Earth amazed at every turn and invigorated by how much we have missed out for so long! I feed from the SUN! My cosmic name is "Yukia Atika", meaning "ancient joyous radiance". It was given to me as I was addressing God/Goddess the Creator, surrounded in service to the Light, in a magical meditation five years ago. So it is under this very same name that I am writing. I am spreading the Light and the Love to all of you and to Mother Earth, even though my earthly name is still Elizabete Martins Soares. By profession a sociologist and human resources practitioner specialised in Change Dynamics, I am also a shift and transformation agent; a seminar and workshop facilitator; a spiritual coach/counsellor; a channeller of the Sun Elders and the Inner Circle"; a story teller; an intuitive energy and sound healer; a seasoned sacred site pilgrim.


I have since been able to redefine my life according to that which I create to serve my highest good rather than my primal emotions. 


Incredibly grateful for this divinely orchestra intervention!

- Sophie Amath,

Entrepreneur Social Media -

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