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When the Sacred Fire Burns

Dear Traveller's of Light,

Sharing to all those that feel the Sacred Fire burning , the great Calling... This was a Personal transmission received in Peru from Mother Earth quiet a few years ago , that changed completely my life .

When the Sacred Fire burns inside, the Heart calling is so strong that nothing else matters all is revealed , all comes to surface and the path is illuminated ahead ..

When you allow yourself to be completely embraced by the Mother , the Apus ( Mountains ) you dare to

take that leap of Faith that takes you to full trust, full power and full love even if the going gets rough at times.

It is part of your own evolving consciousness recall and remembering that is brought to full awareness as you emerge from the Fire into the Golden white Light of your highest potentials ….Read below ...

" When the Sacred Fire Burns everything gets shedded, all the sorrows, all the pain, all the grieving, all the vows, all the contracts, all the pacts nullified , all the tidings, all the cords and knots untangled forever and ever expanding , clearing your consciousness to a new reality , a new space , where time becomes obsolete and you and the Earth remain...

When the Sacred Fire burns inside you Patchamama , I sense the full blending of the mind , the body , spirit and the heart into yours, merging in absolute orgasmic love .

From the sacredness of your womb , my kundalini serpent bursts into the eagle of your heart , I come forth into my full truth, into my new voice, into my new vibratory frequency, Romancing the love store of the Universe, I then, fused with you , into the open arms of the Great Spirit of all things , home to the Oneness.

When the Sacred Fire burns inside your Soul , inside your Heart , you feel the blending of realities, shapeshifting into the oneness, free from bonds, limitations, boundaries , programming and essentially the muddy protocolo of the Human condition .

Beloved sister, listen to the divine silence of the water telling you the story of the new World as the new eagle of love and wisdom anchors and comes forth into your wonderful soul; your expanded consciousness.

When the Sacred Fire Burns and dances within you , you will understand the song and the melody of the travelers´s of Light ; you will know the essence of all things in the one breath that you take as you savour , tune and pulse with the magnetic resonance and synergy of the one Breath of Patchamama.

Transfer these energy transmissions of Light into the Heart of all things in your World.

Let the Sacred Fire burn beloved 's and honour who you are now, the Mother, The Father, The Child, the Cosmic Mother, The cosmic Father, The Cosmic Child, the Christ seed of all there is and will be as the Seeder of the One Light.

Let the Sacred Fire Burn inside you and become the Fire… Expand the consciousness beloved one, by absorbing the sacred golden flame and then Walk the Earth ; inspire, teach, connect, engage, clear, release, love, heal and rejoice in a perfect sonata to the pulse of Patchamama…

Yes, let the Sacred Fire Burn explode inside you, you are not here to live your own love story beloved one, you are here to be totally and utterly in love with the Great spirit of Mother Earth and the Cosmic Mother. Taste and embrace the love story of the Human condition on Planet Earth…

Spread the love, raise the vibration and frequency, adjust the clocks of the Human condition and tune them to the Cosmic clock , touch the hearts of all things and bring Heaven to Earth,,,

Release all and Walk with your fellow travelers of Light..

Take the March out of the Dreaming and the Illusion and lead the transition of the expanded collective magnetic pulse . Live in total Cosmic Love with the Oneness…as the Sacred fire burns in your Heart .. Adonai, beloved one, Great Spirit of all things , Pathchamama, Mother Earth Yukia' Qwi An Yukia Qwi An Sandara

IF you need assistance in your journey to overcome some challenges and blockages to re direct you into your path , life purpose support , clearing old program's , conditioning , re-awaken your gifts , return to your true essence, alignment , balance and harmonization, collecting our fragmented aspects and restoring them to unification in the sacred space

of the heart , I am also available for sessions ; - you can email questions to be responded by me

and sent in a saved Mp3 /Mp4 file - these 2 types of skype sessions -healing - therapy

if you check my website you can read about my experience in about me and other people's

experiences with these sessions .

In the healing side there is also a free 30 minutes exploration for a full mentoring program to assist you ;

I am at your disposal to connect , engage in a protective loving space .

All my love ,

Yukia Qwi An Sandara

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