Poetry – Re Birth of the Age of union Part I

In this time and space continuum She invites the totality of all acceptances Of all the breaths of eons uttered Embodied with the cosmic essence In the flow of the rivers and the oceans She recalls now with passionate urgency her sensual surrender to the Body of Gaia In this dance of Perfect Divine neutrality Yet such sacred timely unity She speaks now of Total arousal and she stands in a Union with God Self She murmurs with delight and beauty through orgasmic cosmic lullabies She speaks of the Age of Union So deep is her remembrance So clear is her vision A magnificent rhapsody Unfolds and embraces her deep stillness In the silence She sits in deep contemplation As t

Poetry : Sacred Womb - Age of Union Part II

She speaks of the voices unspoken by the heart of Gaia Long, long ago She speaks of the time to Be, She speaks of the One who dances in her light Who radiates wild fire within Someone who speaks from the very soul Someone who holds her loving heart as sacred Someone that holds her body as an altar her mind as a wild labyrinth to explore The One that honours the return of the eternal Goddess Within his heart and comes alive within the very essence Of his being She speaks of her return to the sacred place of shared creation and Unity As the Divine Flame burns brightly within the Etheric womb space Of the One, Oh! She Breaths , She murmurs, She Loves Infinitely She speaks of the etheric umbilic

Poetry :The Age of Union Awakened – Part III

She speaks of the Age of Union, now awakened She speaks of the birth of the tales to Be She speaks of the ancient rhythms of Fire and Water Blending together as One She brings forth the ecstasy of the Flame To be no longer extinguished but ignited In the alchemy of the womb of Gaia She speaks of the full abandonment to the Soul and the Heart Becoming the design of the new sculpture of Life Now layed before the new body of Man She speaks with sensual elation Whispering softly, mumbling passionately From the deepest sparkling fluidity within her Now, mingled into the vast oceans of Her Lover She surrender’s to the flow of the motion that arouses her Her breath quickens as her bosom flowers in

When the Sacred Fire Burns

Dear Traveller's of Light, Sharing to all those that feel the Sacred Fire burning , the great Calling... This was a Personal transmission received in Peru from Mother Earth quiet a few years ago , that changed completely my life . When the Sacred Fire burns inside, the Heart calling is so strong that nothing else matters all is revealed , all comes to surface and the path is illuminated ahead .. When you allow yourself to be completely embraced by the Mother , the Apus ( Mountains ) you dare to take that leap of Faith that takes you to full trust, full power and full love even if the going gets rough at times. It is part of your own evolving consciousness recall and remembering that is brou

The Explorer of Silence

When Silence permeates the very fabric of our existence one finds that we have entered into a golden gateway that leads us into a world of a different state of consciousness , a New Way of Being. The emptiness and the stillness encompasses our whole Being . It welcomes the Explorer of Silence to its I Am Presence, it quieting’s the heart and the mind and alters the full tapestry of life as we know it . Doing and Being takes a different colour and expression and we start to experience a different Way of being with ourselves and with others. We start seeing ourselves in our full totality and to notice what is really playing in the game of life. All is brought to full awareness and a raised fre

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