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Now let us explore:

You are an individuated soul, meaning that your oversoul has allowed a piece of itself to become your soul for this lifetime. On the one hand it is like you borrowed this fragment of your oversoul for a time; on the other hand this individuated fragment, even after it is reunited with your oversoul, will forevermore be known as (your name you give yourself).

Your soul incarnated into a body, just like the soul of every other human being on this planet, or on any other planet of My universe, even if you are a Walk-In or a Braid-In. This is also true for all other physical beings that are not human. You were born of human parents and grew up as a human being. Your particular circumstances were agreed to by your soul prior to birth: time and place, parents, siblings, encounters with other humans, and in your case non-humans. All was known to your individuated soul prior to your birth. All was aligned with your oversoul’s desire for cumulative experience; all was part of balancing prior lives and actions. (karma and dharma)

Do you see how you are one with Source? How you are one with other souls of your soul group, other individuated souls from your oversoul? How you are one with the souls of other oversouls? Yes, all on this planet Earth are one; all humans are one. Despite differences of location, skin color, religion, nationality, or sex, you are one with every other human of Earth. You are also one with every human from other planets, as well as non-humans from anywhere in My universe. This is equally true of souls that have been individuated from the dark energy oversoul. All is one.


Each of the Souls within the Oversoul are incarnated in, or visiting, the lower worlds. Oversouls contain and protect ALL our Souls while they send fragments of their SELF into the “Land of Form” to gather experience. Within the Oversoul Body, Souls commune with each other without the distraction of the Souls that are contained in other Oversouls.

Oversouls encompass many Souls. All the Oversouls within an Elohim are of the same Oversoul Family, just as all the Souls within each Oversoul are of the same Soul Family. As Oversouls, we are the last bastion of form in the Multiverse. The Souls within us are incarnated and visiting all the manifest planets, solar systems, galaxies, central suns, and universes within the manifest Multiverse of the third through sixth dimensional realities.

In the lower planes, these Souls appear to be separate, just as Oversouls appear to be separate here. The difference is that Oversouls realize apparent separation is only a matter of density of light. The Light of the many Souls in our inner Soul Family condensed into the envelope of our Oversoul body is very dense, whereas the light between the Oversouls is less dense. However, this light still connects ALL Oversouls as they travel through the Seventh Dimension and higher.

Oversouls are in constant communication with each other and live in total Unity Consciousness. However, inner Souls commune with each other in that same constant manner within the security of the Oversoul Body. Oversouls make the sacrifice of restricting themselves to a kind of loose form as a service to the many Souls who are still obtaining experience in the material worlds. Eventually, all the Oversouls rejoin the rest of Essence within the consciousness of the Elohim SELF in the eighth through tenth dimensions.


Creator creates the Monad as the first 'individualization of itself'. The Monad then creates 12 expressions of itself that are the Oversoul. Oversoul then creates 12 aspects of itself, of which we, the personality aspect are. It takes 144 Oversouls to make a soul group.

The Oversoul, identity, creates 12 soul identities, each of which create 12 incarnate identities within the six time cycles. Each person is part of an Incarnational Family of 144 incarnates residing within the six time cycles. In each pair of incarnates, one is male, the other female.

Each of the 144 incarnates carries part of the 12-Strand DNA pattern within the genetic code. As the 144 incarnates progressively evolve with the planet through the six time cycles, the 12-Strand DNA imprint is progressively build up in the genetic code.

Your Soul is a plural with 12 faces and is part of a larger identity called the Oversoul that is composed of 12 souls – each with their 12 incarnate identities, so you are dealing with 144 incarnates in your immediate Oversoul family.

The Monad Identity is the portion of the multi-dimensional mind that corresponds to the 8th Dimension and the God-Seed, the center of the Over-Soul Matrix

The Monad is the aspect of our Multi-dimensional self that holds our direct connection to Source, our capacity to manifest in space-time-matter forms and retain open communication/flow back and forth. It holds our capacity for eternal life and serves as the “two-way swinging door” to and from Source.


Higher Self can be orbiting around the Oversoul instead of just running on a hierarchical system, like a pyramid from the top down.

This orbital system can allow the Oversoul and Higher Self to fan out encompassing a wave-like behaviour, where time becomes a loop. This system can encourage the Oversoul to swiftly find any Higher Self program for Ascension. This can allow the “higher” matrix levels of Oversoul production to permeate “lower” levels of the Higher Self programming; essentially they can become one. With this mix of energies, along with the influx of light at our present time and commitment, we can dial into the frequency of the Oversoul with ease and assimilate these higher codes of star and celestial intelligence with little disturbance within our vessel and the earth's monetary system.

The acceleration and unfolding of this Oversoul grid work can surely become a representation of what may be manifesting within our planet's hierarchical system; higher light programs mirroring, or reflecting, elements and qualities of this multidimensional grid work of an overall plan, effecting individuals and collective consciousness to be deployed into spiritual service with the agenda of sovereignty and oneness within duality creating peace and harmony.

There can be many assisting and holding space in the framework of the Oversoul matrix within the orbital system. It is can be a network of light bearers involved in this evolutionary process. As we read this we can realize this may be us ushering a new harmonic convergence of light programs to the planet. Some can be sharing the dynamics of higher light body projections into lower light body time zones by service and holding the space; reflecting the change. Some may even be facilitating light code patterns; an infusion of star and celestial seeds into the helix systems of the physical and etheric bodies.


This can be the phase of development and maturity for a star seed ranging from its Alpha development to its eventual release (the Omega). After this release an updated version can be activated within the Higher Self program and shared within the nucleus of the Over Soul to help improve, or fix glitches, within the star seed program that my still be present. The Higher Self can then load the updated version and install and activate it within the helix structures, both etheric and physical.


This can be the process of starting up, and being receptive to, the updated version and performing the indicated tasks according to encoded instructions from the Over Soul and the Higher Self programs. The human vessel can become a virtual machine, making all supporting systems ready to use (such as the Higher Self) fanning out to the Many and the One (the Many and the One being the supporting systems; multidimensional beings).


Communication with the Oversoul goes through screen of light called the veils; in other words our Soul, through constant transmission with the OVERSOUL, YOU GET PUSHED through a lesson and are able to input and process the higher and newer light codes. This process is called ASCENSION!

Your Oversoul can be most attainable and you can receive more energy through CONTACT WITH YOUR OVERSOUL. With this being stated the closer we are to God, or our Soul, the more we can connect to the Over Soul production. We can call this The Golden Meridian Etheric Cord; our connection to the Divine.

The OVERSOUL can be floating within deep space suspended within a matrix of crystalline code and within this matrix of code can lie the Higher Self weaved within a universal lattice of star systems. This can be how the Soul communicates simultaneously with the OVERSOUL; like a deep space satellite would communicate with the earth.

The Oversoul can assist the Soul in maintaining the bio-energetic system of the body such as the crystalline fluids within the blood and crystalline portions of the body (the skeletal structure and all of this composition within the body).

WHEN CONTACTING THE OVERSOUL, there is a constant connection to the Akasha (also known as Shekinah, Merkabah, or Gia). In other words, the OVERSOUL knows all planes, times, and dimensions and can oversee all production within the universal matrix and our physical and multidimensional experiences. Wow!


Your Oversoul has access to a myriad of different experiences, both in this world and out of this world. That means that you have access to much more than your own past, or even of the past lives that you would consider your own from this planet. There are even experiences of non-physical aspects of your Oversoul that you have access to.

When you feel that you need something that is outside of the scope of your immediate knowing and experience, you can access some of that oversoul energy that contains the information, or the skills, or the experience, that you would like to access. From that perspective of self, from the Oversoul perspective, you have done just about everything. There is so much rich knowledge and experience to be had.

This process of asking and receiving will help you to feel like more of a whole being. Of course, you have been accessing these many different experiences from these many different incarnations and non-physical expressions of self. But you have not been aware. You have not been doing it consciously, and therefore, sometimes you feel that what you are experiencing is coming from outside of you.

Sometimes you have no reasonable explanation for why you feel what you feel or why you remember or know something. It is time for you to get in touch with the Oversoul perspective, with the energetic signature that your oversoul has. It is time for you all to recognize yourselves as multidimensional, infinite beings of love and light who are here for the experience of self as Love.

Therefore, when you feel for your Oversoul energy, remember, reach within your heart for the full expression of love. Make sure you are focusing on the feeling of the oversoul, rather than on the feeling of the being whose experiences you would like access to. For those beings have a limited perspective of who and what they are. For the most part, that is.

Yukia Qwi An Sandara

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