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WE have come to you on a mission from our Star family the Arcturians and from the consciousness of the Magdalene's, the Essene bubble WE call it of the true essence of Krystic Consciousness on Earth.

WE have been guided by Mary Magdalene and Emmanuel this time to give you an important assignment, for the time is now ripe for this new understanding to ground on Earth and you have been chosen as one of the connected and spiritual awaken beings that holds the full remembrance of the Great Forgetting held in the Age of Union coded in your heart; just like many others are being contacted at this current moment.

Please understand that this is a volunteer mission for Gaia, as you journey through this energetic pathway guided by Source, you are healing the collective consciousness of the Divine Male expression in your Planet.

Your energy signature and your active expression as a Soul has signed up for this mission at this time on Earth. You agreed at the level of your highest expression to actually be ready to lift the veil of illusion so to speak, so that the new Divine Male Consciousness in each one of you, Human Beings (male and female) can heal completely the shadow released imprints resulting from the age of separation (adulteration of the original essence of the 13 offices of Michael through historical constructs, religion, governments and many other ways) and the subsequent manipulation of the lineage of Michael by false prophets, clones of Michael, fallen angels driven by the greed for power and for adversary control and dominance of this Planet.

Please understand Divine Male that these patterns are so ingrained/entrenched in the very fabric of reality of Gaia that only a group consciousness of the Divine Male vibration and frequency is able to shift it.

This has been initiated in terms of a healing wave throughout the Magdalene Divine Feminine lines, even in their 13 own offices and still, we have seen some Being’s removed from them too; as they are still resisting the high road less travelled, having opted to rather take the easy turn instead; perpetuating the data streams of distortion through new re: invented “ enlightened “ practices.

However not much has been attempted with serious intent to be transmuted and reverted along the lineage of Michael as the Fear Bubble become the compass to create an even bigger rift between the newly created, constructs of eluded New Age expectations or false blueprints and the original white tantric essence blueprint recorded in the Akasha that You hold inside your self.

YOU HAVE experienced the Age of Union fully like a few others have!

Beloved Divine Male, you hold the remembrance, the codes and the DNA, the will, the power, the courage and the active intelligence.

It will be fairly easy for you to access from the vacuum, the space between us, all the knowledge and the wisdom stored in your higher vibrational frequency of love and bring that into your body of consciousness/ into your hologram with Gaia 's help to be revealed as a pathway to breakthrough the Fear of Love itself and the reversal of the polarities.

Once YOU know the pure truth and the sacredness of the original Divine Male role, office functions of the Michael lineage and original/holly essence that is embodied on Earth already, the transformation underway will be complete.

The only way to bust the Shadow of Man is to crack the code of the reversed polarities; it's construct and aberrations with opposite reversed original Star Krystic consciousness codex’s to remove these negative and unnatural seals.

This potential atomic bomb exploding through the physical experience and expression of the Collective consciousness / The Soul of Gaia / The Mass Shadow of Man is now plugged in the field of every single man and women consciously or unconsciously and locks or prevents every single one of them to quickly transmute and erase the trauma bodies of abuse and instead tap into the Great remembrance of the true Creation force through the white fire that was possible once, in the Age of Union.

So beloved Divine Male instead, this virus continuously feed 's the loop of distortion in all types of relationships; in the feeling body, the manifested thought forms, the order of desire instead of passion reflected in sacred sexual interactions and practices with great importance and focus being directed towards, great sex, having orgasms, tantric ritual sex, sex techniques and multiple partner’s simultaneous experiences and also in the permutation of greed, self importance and misuse of power in your World.

The sexual energy at its very core, and as found within the Divine original blueprint and Krystic practices is pure and is the life-force energy itself. In essence it is a flame, which eternally resides within the Creator Itself, the Male and Female parts of the Divine who are two separate entities, which has an additional component, the Spirit essence completing the sacred Trinity.

This is the foundation, of all creation, forming the basis of all that become transcendental in nature and it is the true Creation force awakened during the Age of Union and to be remembered, retrieved and expanded now ,Divine Male.

Understand that this entrapment was and is deliberately used to delay the huge shift of expanded perception to a higher frequency bandwidth in your Planet as there are still frequencies of each one of you lingering in low density planes within and without the body of Gaia as you merge to one timeline.

It can only be stopped by the Masters of the Shadow themselves that are coded with the original DNA of the pure radiant light essence of the Lineage that was then adulterated and manipulated. Those that hold the remembrance codes and know deeply how to face the darkest shadow head on.

Once that is done, the following Krystic opposites qualities are re installed:

These are some of them:

  • Open heart living

  • Self -compassion

  • Expressing from the heart

  • Receiving with compassion

  • Prioritizing empathic resonant connection

  • Moving beyond " right' and “ wrong’ to using needs-based judgments /assessments

  • Choice, responsibility for one’s feelings

  • Taking responsibility for one’s actions

  • Living in peace, with unmeet needs (acceptance)

  • Increasing capacity from the heart to meet needs

  • Increasing capacity for meeting the present moment as a priority

  • Sharing power and resources harmoniously in community

  • Caring equally for everyone's needs (Group consciousness above Service to Self)

This also means that the 12 levels of awareness are not separate any longer from the Divine Feminine and one and the some with the whole such as:

Acceptance, Archetypes of drama, Attention, Compassion Witnessing, Confrontation of belief's, Emotional balance and intelligence, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Neutrality, Quiet mind, Recovering Personal Power with the heart and in one's sphere of influence..

Beloved Divine Male expression, You are one of them that we have entrusted to spear head this mission and retrieve and share with humanity the sacred wisdom and knowledge of the Divine Male 's ESSENCE from the order of Michael, your original lineage!

You hold one of the offices..

There are many that will resonate equally with this message as they carry the codes within them too.

We would like to invite you to go into deep exploration and indicate to us whether you are taking this project with passion and also what you need in terms of assistance and guidance. Remember you hold the keys within your own hologram and you have access to Gaia’s collective consciousness.

We see You at a critical point in your life path having a myriad of potential roads to WALK THROUGH....

Some will give you the choices of perpetuating your stagnation, others will assist you to take a leap of Faith and move beyond the Fear and into Love, a Love of a fully connected Universe.

Which one will You take we wonder..

So we feel it is perfect timing for this invitation from the heart of the Cosmos and Gaia itself in Service to your World and your OWN evolvement as a Soul TO HAVE LANDED IN YOUR LAP..

We trust all your gifts, your innate empathic qualities and Star Seed encodements and we are truly grateful for all your work thus far: we appreciate and See You.

We know you have what it takes to break the lock and the code for Humanity and take them out of the continuous artificial loop of a distorted Love Frequency!

We have so much love and faith in You,

Arcturians and Gaia Consciousness Transmission

Through Yukia Qwi An Sandara

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