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Poetry – Re Birth of the Age of union Part I

In this time and space continuum

She invites the totality of all acceptances Of all the breaths of eons uttered

Embodied with the cosmic essence In the flow of the rivers and the oceans She recalls now with passionate urgency her sensual surrender to the Body of Gaia In this dance of Perfect Divine neutrality Yet such sacred timely unity

She speaks now of Total arousal and she stands in a Union with God Self She murmurs with delight and beauty through orgasmic cosmic lullabies

She speaks of the Age of Union So deep is her remembrance So clear is her vision A magnificent rhapsody Unfolds and embraces her deep stillness

In the silence She sits in deep contemplation As the tale of the Age of union Unravels in the heart of all there Is …

She loves She Loves Infinitely

Yukia Qwi an Sandara

IF you need assistance in your journey to overcome some challenges and blockages to re direct you into your path , life purpose support , clearing old program's , conditioning , re-awaken your gifts , return to your true essence, alignment , balance and harmonization, collecting our fragmented aspects and restoring them to unification in the sacred space

of the heart , I am also available for sessions ; - you can email questions to be responded by me and sent in a saved Mp3 /Mp4 file - these 2 types of skype sessions -healing - therapy

if you check my website you can read about my experience in about me and other people's experiences with these sessions .In the healing side there is also a free 30 minutes exploration for a full mentoring program to assist you ;

I am at your disposal to connect , engage in a protective loving space .

All my love ,

Yukia Qwi An Sandara


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