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Poetry :The Age of Union Awakened – Part III

She speaks of the Age of Union, now awakened

She speaks of the birth of the tales to Be

She speaks of the ancient rhythms of Fire and Water

Blending together as One

She brings forth the ecstasy of the Flame

To be no longer extinguished but ignited

In the alchemy of the womb of Gaia

She speaks of the full abandonment to the Soul and the Heart

Becoming the design of the new sculpture of Life

Now layed before the new body of Man

She speaks with sensual elation

Whispering softly, mumbling passionately

From the deepest sparkling fluidity within her

Now, mingled into the vast oceans of Her Lover

She surrender’s to the flow of the motion that arouses her

Her breath quickens as her bosom flowers in pure delight

Her delicious carnal nectar reveal’s the mysteries of the Universe

Echoing the tales of the orgasmic union ‘s now sealed

Into the core of Gaia as the sacred white fire burns

Within the celestial songs coming forth to Be

She utters a eloquent scream in pure ecstasy

As she burst’s Consciousness of all unknown to Be

Throughout all spaces of time and space continuum

In a symbiotic dance of pure magnificence

She embodies the very fabric of her Presence

Now united and anchored with greatness of her Spirit

In the Heart of all there is, she silently rests

Feeling the completion and the fullness of

Her Beingness to be in the silence within

She murmurs ,

She Loves

She Loves


Yukia Qwi an Sandara

IF you need assistance in your journey to overcome some challenges and blockages to re direct you into your path , life purpose support , clearing old program's , conditioning , re-awaken your gifts , return to your true essence, alignment , balance and harmonization, collecting our fragmented aspects and restoring them to unification in the sacred space

of the heart , I am also available for sessions ;

if you check my website you can read about my experience in about me and other people's

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In the healing side there is also a free 30 minutes exploration for a full mentoring program to assist you ;

I am at your disposal to connect , engage in a protective loving space .

All my love ,

Yukia Qwi An Sandara

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