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It is a Day out of Time and we have been gifted with three loved one’s arrival here today. Trinity in this gathering, brings the equilibrium of unities into Oneness.

The sparkling beautiful Apus, sunshine and sacred ceremony shower’s us gently in this lucid dream state…

Pachamama smiles and the Cosmic Child dances to the tune of an old song played Long time ago in the Land of Lumeria whilst in the flow of embracing the Great remembering, as the elements activate it ‘s own tapestry of Love and Light around us …

Pachamama :

Separation is just an illusion as well as the illusion of form, why are you then questioning it cosmic child?

If you don’t exist anywhere and everywhere, it does not matter. You are part of the Oneness, the heart of everything there is, the Big Void, the space in between the waves; you are connected to everyone, yet you have no identity of your own except your transient nature.

The very nature of your impermanence is in itself the core of all you are, the sum of all your parts.

You are the formless Universe; you are the Essence of all there is …

Therefore, thrive in your beingness with love, joy and passion in your heart.

Let go of Form, of content and embrace fully the totality of you and Play!

Cosmic Child dancing:

I am a Child of the Universe, come and play with me Now…

Jumping streams of consciousness

Running data nodes

Grounding global heart pulses

Interconnecting and blending frequencies at multi –dimensional random points in portals

Raising ,Shifting, shaping and accelerating Humanity’s Universal wave of consciousness


Child, Is this the time of the Great synthesis, leading into the Galactic synchronization?

Cosmic Child:

Yes Divine Mother, we have been rewired from within as old thought structures and conditionings give away to cosmic perceptions known as biosphere –no sphere transition.

No sphere is the Earth’s thinking layer. Everything is inter -connected and the more we realize this as a collective, the more the thinking layer of our planet shifts changing the structure and the patterns of perception.


So Child is each pattern of this synchronistic order fractal taking us straight into the Oneness?

Cosmic Child:

Yes, Divine Mother, each time we focus on Galactic information we register into the earths, the creation of its new architecture.


What about the light codes of synchronistic order?

Cosmic Child:

Oh! Those offer a systematic manifestation stream of knowledge that serves as a bridge between the human Beings and our Star family. They align our intentions together with our vibrational frequency with higher Intelligence providing a doorway ‘s to the 5th Dimension and others nearby..


Wow! Very interesting Cosmic Child but where does all this transmission comes from?

Cosmic Child:

It comes through from the Great Father Sun from other galaxies , dimensions and from the Source of all Things…


But how Child?

Cosmic Child:

Well, through the ejection of the sacred fire, the Solar Plasma, which affects the DNA of all living matter, creates a quickening within the biological organism – almost like a Solar Initiation.

You see Divine Mother, all we receive from Source are considered contrasts of different thinking layers, which permeate the galaxy in holographic bundles and are receptive to the human beings according to the level of spiritual advancement.

Pachamama :

How is Humanity linked with them then?

Cosmic Child:

Through an ethereal cable connecting us to the Heart Capsule of the Galaxy and this harmonizes and models awareness as a whole .


What more unfolds then Child?

Cosmic Child:

Oh! We have so much fun then:

We play marbles lifting the unseen veils

Create snowflakes in the Ethers

Expand infinity by stretching and amplifying potentials

As Above, So Below, So Within

Ignite concentric dances in the crystalized waters of the seas and rivers of the Planet

Balance unities through the exercise of free will and free flow

Bubble pop old programs, conditions, beliefs and values

Quantum jump Light activations and Light medicine into freedom

Weave golden threads of Dreamtime through beautiful melodies in a single note

Interconnect cycles of creation

Dabble into vibrational resonance, sound, colour spirals, sacred geometry using innate signatures and imprinting

Encourage Souls to press recall and remembrance buttons reclaiming their pure Essence, their power and Divinity …

Ah! But it is the dance of the spheres and the Milky Way that fills my heart with so much Joy and Love!


How does all this overwhelming Cosmic Play affect Human Beings?

Cosmic Child:

The Human Beings most important step is to turn inward, where Peace that passes understanding is to be found; witnessing the transient process of the minds and senses calmly, resting in the great mirroring, unifying, simply watching passing thoughts, feelings without conceptualizing, grasping the pleasurable and feeling the painful, noting the impermanence and empty nature of the mind’s contents and their own body sensations.


So we hold the Vision of Humanity wisely and compassionately holding the scale of balance and harmony for the benefit of all seamless Oneness?

Cosmic Child:

Yes, Just by living a simple and distilled Life.


We are returning to Innocence to the child like nature within. What is the role of the New Children then?

Cosmic Child:

Wow! We are magicians, the alchemists of the New Earth Divine Mother..

The children are to awaken the Cosmic Light that is genetically embodied within them.

They will show how to live and demonstrate the way to love and liberation. Their fields are receptive and will be able to disperse love’s quickening Light to the entire world, so that pain caused by the illusion of separation from the Source of all Love might cease some day.


But Child isn’t all Life cosmically endowed with Light that is given freely to every heart that knows and asks for Grace of Remembrance?

Cosmic Child:

Yes, You have a great knowingness Divine Mother.

Infinite light is easily accessed.

So the key is to recognize each transient breath as a fleeting opportunity to feel intrinsic joy and each heartbeat a brief chance to express kindness knowing this precious human birth offers a most auspicious opportunity for a full awakening.


Sometimes observing Humanity’s Ego desires saddens my heart deeply. Human Beings lock themselves so many times in a self created and made prison’s?

Cosmic Child:

Divine Mother, fully accept, and surrender with immense gratitude for the healing opportunity that this awareness brings forth to you!

The Great desire that extends beyond the “Ego “needs to escape and stretch beyond liberation for the sake of one self only. The Great desire – provides innate compassion for all beings. The seeker looks for liberation of all forms of life not just themselves; they experience joyful motivation and the ability to embrace and love all beings as one true Self- inseparable from the Beloved, loving “ I” as the Beloved loves.

Pachamama smiling:

Thank you wizard, how do you play with such knowingness within so magnificently and have remained in the background?

Cosmic Child:

Everyone can, I have just been silently weaving the Light and the love but now it is time to show up!

My timer has been activated; I m embodied in my Inner Space of the Heart in this body suit and received permission slips to emerge.

But to answer your first part of the question:

Love Thyself, Awaken the Wise in You; embrace compassionate Self governance and a unified harmony amongst all Beings. These are the keys of our shared dream journey in this Planet Divine Mother..

We are all tributaries of a common shared wisdom Source that extends into the Cosmo, the Realms beyond the Earth, the conceptual multi –dimensional mind and it’s Origin in the Absolute.

A thread of Truth benefits the lives of many in a lineage of light beyond names and creeds. It carries and transmits the authentic empowerment to awaken One’s true Nature.

The Infinite Light of the Beloved!


My heart is overflowing with Love and gratitude beloved Child of the Universe. I see now that the union of the Divine

creates infinite possibilities and that ascension into this physical reality in this amazing human form is not a trivial pursuit but a beautiful journey for all Human Beings and for myself ..

Cosmic Child:

Remember that the knowing that I bring forward is a mere reflection of the infinite love and sea of potentials that you hold within your illuminated Heart and Soul..

I am just a mirror of all Humanity in this special Golden time of transition on Earth, listening attentively to the whispers of the Universe and the songs of the celestial spheres…

In Praise, Gratitude and Love

Cosmic Child (Higher Consciousness dialogue with Mother Gaia, Pachamama)

Yukia Qwi An Sandara

IF you need assistance in your journey to overcome some challenges and blockages to re direct you into your path , life purpose support , clearing old program's , conditioning , re-awaken your gifts , return to your true essence, alignment , balance and harmonization, collecting our fragmented aspects and restoring them to unification in the sacred space

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All my love ,

Yukia Qwi An Sandara

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