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Quantum Healing is a term used to describe healing practices that utilize the principles of Quantum Theory and Quantum Mechanics. You simply SEE AND VISUALIZE YOURSELF -- another version of you from another Universe (Doppleganger) as being healed without cords, without miasms, without negativity, then you draw the energy from that Self to your SELF. Done. You are healed!

Quantum theory states that when the Mind observes a set of circumstances or phenomena, it has an impact on the outcome ("the observer effect"). The impact the Mind will have upon the outcome will be determined by the state of Mind of the observer.

In Quantum Healing, the Mind is the primary instrument used to heal the body. The Mind of the "healer" (yourself or another) must be in a "healthy" state if it is to have a healing effect on the body.

Illness or disease in the human body is almost always caused by this thing we call "stress". But what is stress?

There are many definitions for stress, but for our purposes here I prefer this one, "Stress occurs when our beliefs, or what we think is true, are in conflict with what we know to be true in our own Heart."

When the Mind is in a state of stress (false or inaccurate beliefs) it will have a negative impact upon the body. This can create illness or disease.

When the Mind is in a state of appreciation and well being, it will have a positive effect upon the body and can result in healing.

Knowing how to create a healthy state of Mind is the only secret you need to know to effectively use Quantum Healing in your own life.

Identifying false fear-based beliefs and replacing them with Love-based Truth from the Heart will create a healthy Mind. When a healthy, peaceful, appreciative Mind observes an illness or disease in the body it will have a healing effect upon that condition or disease, and also removes negativity, cords, and miasms.

While the term Quantum Healing might be new, the underlying principles, both spiritual and scientific, have been known to humankind for many thousands of years.

Oriental medicine, Indian or Vedic healing techniques, and to some extent even religious faith healing, are all based upon a deep human knowing that the Mind has a powerful impact upon the body.

Modern science gives us access to evidence gained through experiment, demonstrating how this process might occur. Even the most skeptical among us can be healed with Quantum Healing methods when enough evidence is presented to satisfy the Mind!

Of all the scientific research conducted into the effects of the Mind on health and the body, the newest and most significant is about what happens when the Mind and Heart are connected.

Quantum Healing has been around for a long time. Your Mind is having a direct impact on your body right now. Yes, let's make it a great positive impact!



Every piece of DNA has a field around it. Every piece of DNA is next to another piece of DNA, and a field surrounds a field surrounds a field. In addition, it is all grouped, not strung out like in your diagrams. I'll tell you what that does. It creates a oneness of consciousness. Have you ever wondered why it is in the esoteric world that you can speak to your body as one, yet there are trillions of pieces of it?

Within the DNA is a spiritual component. In the DNA is a piece of God, a piece of home. In the DNA, there's a quantumness of reality. Within the DNA. The field that is around DNA has been observed and proven by science to be interdimensional. One piece against the other against another creates an interlocking, overlapping interdimensional field that has one address to the universe... and your name on it.

Think of it as one whole body experience because the DNA overlaps; the fields overlap, and those overlapping fields create a larger field that creates even a larger field. By the time you get trillions of them together, literally, that field is something you project with focus and it's called esoteric light. Meanwhile, it also serves for personal healing. It is ready to "listen to YOU."

The fact is that you have total and complete communications in an interdimensional way with this massive DNA field. You are it, and it is you, but if you've never spoken to it, it will go its own way. Trillions of pieces of DNA are there, ready to hear you!

DNA waits for you to speak to it through your own consciousness. There is an enlightened attribute in your DNA: you would call it your Higher-Self.


You can use Quantum Healing for healing to remove cords, miasms, and all negativity. You will use a Doppleganger who is helping. A Doppleganger is your twin self in another metaphysical universe. You use your imagination to go to another universe, physically. We are going beyond Quantum physics, to the world of meta (mental physics). By doing that we are picking up the rhythm and the energies of the twin self and bringing it back here mentally.

Before your "quantum jump" see another version of yourself -- a doppleganger in another Universe -- as whole and perfect with no karma, no miasms, no negative entanglements, and no negativity. This is a perfect YOU -- only being held for your access -- for you to access and use here, in this place now. Hold this image.

Go to the meditative level in order to get your emotions out of the way.

Go to the universe where there is a YOU without any unwanted cords and without any miasms (unhealthy timelines).

See your perfect twin self that is in perfect health.

(For example, see/imagine your Doppleganger with NO karmic issues, NO unhealthy timelines, and NO attachments).

Meditate and visualize a door, sense it. Step over the threshold.

See your self in perfect health with no cords and no negative attachments (Doppleganger) who is in perfect health, from an objective view. Sense that you are looking at your Doppleganger. Take a subjective view by merging yourself with your Doppleganger. Become one with him and start doing things that he is doing or things that you want to do. What you are doing is you are getting the energy of your Doppleganger and the rhythm of being whole without negativity.

Come back to your body. Relax and imagine you are getting back through the door, the door closes and you come back to your body (you are in your body meditating). Much Love Yukia Qwi An Sandara

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