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Healing Mantra - Embracing the Diamond Light

Healing Mantra – Embracing the Diamond Light

Sweet Surrender

I surrender fully to my heart

The Inner space of refuge and wonderment

I no longer oppose or fight with those who insist on fighting with me.

I acknowledge anyone that create’s conflict as only opposing for the Grace of their own loving attention

I freely give full loving attention to whatever calls out for it, whether appearing as a bundle of fragmented emotions in my bod , an entrapped mind of endless thoughts , or the ever relentless behavior of those I encounter in my path

By conversing to others in a compassionate and empathic tone and manner that suggests how much better they deserve to treat and love themselves when not in my presence, I assist raise the vibration and frequency of the Planet. I know full well that my path cannot be defined ever by how others treat me but only how I choose to respond from my Inner Space of the Heart

Even though it seems as I am speaking to other actors in my script, as the purity of my truth of all that is, whatever I say to another is a love lullaby and love poem sent to every heart and soul.

Knowing this deeply in an integrated way, I relinquish the desire or tendency to oppose, to negotiate or defend and I return to the premise of Love by embracing the truth of all there is

Wetter or not those I love consciously or unconsciously receive my gifts and talents, it is I who walks away sovereign , loving from each encounter more expanded , more amplified and open , conscious and fully empowered than any other moment before ..

I am Blessed with this state of Beingness

I light up my torch of diamond Light with this Portal energy

Feeling the Stillness, the Silence and the Spaciousness


I am Love

I am Presence

Yukia Qwi an Sandara

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