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You can be a more romantic PARTNER, after you master ROMANCING YOURSELF... Here are some ideas to start your self-romance lifestyle:


Your home should be a place where you not only unwind, but also where your physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of yourself can be cultivated and bloom. How true rings the mantra, “We can’t completely love anyone else (or even fully accept love) if we don’t love ourselves.” We have to “love on” ourselves just as purposely, soulfully, and as often as we love on our significant others. Creating a romantic, private space – such as in your bedroom, is your life insurance policy, a guiding principle for to ensure you do not become an empty vessel. Here, you can think about your goals and dreams, meditate or pray. Create a romantic space by filling it with things you love such as a painting by your favorite local artist, scented candles, back copies of your favorite magazines, and of course a journal coupled with a set of colored pens and pencils to doodle with.


Who doesn’t love receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers from his or her special someone? Become your own love bug and buy yourself a bouquet just because you’re phenomenal, or because you nailed the audition, or finished writing the first chapter of your novel. Don’t forget to sign the card, “XoXo, To Me.”


It’s always romantic to be served breakfast in bed on special occasions by your partner and/or children. Breakfast in bed shouldn’t be just limited to Mother’s Day, your anniversary or birthday, however. Choose a day – any day, when you’re primarily free and alone. Turn off all electronics and bring your bamboo breakfast tray to your bedroom, topped with your favorite morning foods. Pair that with a pot of herbal tea to indulge in your mini retreat.


Dancing is sensual. Love yourself through dance. While you work out your body, soul, and mind, wrap your arms around your curves, while your favorite playlist of love songs hums in the background.


I remember finding a love letter from my grandmother to my grandfather when he was in the army. From her simple words I could tell how profound their love was and realized the power of a love letter. I’ve always written love letters to my husband but a few years ago when I was feeling low-spirited I began to write love letters to myself. Love letters are tangible reminders of what you love about yourself, a place where you can list all of your innate gifts. Write one on fancy stationary, place it in an envelope and scent it with your favorite perfume. Put a wax seal stamp on the back of your envelope and open it whenever you need a mental boost.


It’s easy to be present and shut out the world when your partner is romancing you. Our challenge is being present during normal day-to-day activities. Today be present and truly listen when a friend is talking. No checking text messages on your phone. No distractions. Eat your meals slowly and enjoy the bounty of food, the colors, and the aromas in front of you instead of rushing through them. Throw yourself into a full play session instead of worrying about the dirty dishes in the sink. Being present helps you to savor all aspects of your life.



Cut and paste and post in your bedroom area to super-romance-power your life! Yes to romantic sensuality!

I am becoming more romantic and sensual every day.

I can easily see when romantic situations will arise.

I can think of new romantic gestures.

Romance helps me show my partner how much I am full of loving sensuality.

I enjoy the fun and excitement of being romantic.

Romance improves my life.

Being romantic and sensual makes me happier.

I can naturally be romantic.

I enjoy having more romance in my life.

Romance helps to bring positivity to my life.

I am attracting romance and sensuality into my life.

My heart is perfectly attuned to attracting a romantic relationship.

I radiate a loving energy that will draw romantic passion into my life.

My thoughts are effortlessly concentrated on attracting romance.

Others see me as someone who is passionate and exciting.

I am full of romantic energy.

I am visualizing what it will feel like to have the romance of my dreams.

I am ready for romance and sensuality at all times now.



Cardamom – This oil has been used extensively as a domestic spice, especially in India and Middle Eastern countries. It’s been a part of traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for over 3000 years. Cardamom has a favorable scent and is calming to the nervous system, relieving mental fatigue and nervous strain. It's woodsy scent is calming and alluring.

Clary sage – This essence promotes euphoria, bliss, and acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. If you’re looking for some creativity in the bedroom clary sage can help. It’s known to boost creativity by supporting focus in the mind, putting things into perspective and creating inspirational thoughts. Clary sage is also a valuable hormone balancing oil.

Jasmine – This oil has an amazing smell, aphrodisiac qualities and provides a balancing effect on the nervous system. Jasmine works on an emotional level, helping to calm frayed nerves and remedy depression, nervous exhaustion and stress-related conditions. It produces a feeling of optimism, confidence and euphoria. It’s most useful in cases of apathy, indifference or listlessness. Use it to get the passion flowing!

Rose – it’s hard to find a more romantic oil. It is often called the essential oil of love. It helps open the heart center to receive love and strength, helping a person to love oneself and reduce feelings of fear and unworthiness. Rose stirs desire, enhances self-esteem and confidence, lifts depressive states, remedies grief, detoxes and purifies the blood, improves digestion, improves circulation, increases semen production, improves uterine function and combats stress & nervous tension.

Ylang Ylang – Calming in times of stress, Ylang Ylang relaxes, slows a racing heart, decreases blood pressure and boosts your mood. Ylang Ylang works effectively on the emotions. It is a well known aphrodisiac. It’s calming effects are particularly helpful to make your sexual experience feel deeper and more profound. It prevents both Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) and Hyperpnea (fast, shallow breathing). This soothes the emotions of anxiety, worry and fear – and gets you in the mood for some loving!

Sandalwood – This is one of the oldest known perfume materials. It’s been used for at least 4,000 years continuously. Sandalwood is a potent tension reliever, relaxes muscles and calms blood pressure. In India it is often combined with rose in the famous scent aytar. The smell alone is enough to relieve a days worth of stress and tension

Rosewood – This oil has a calming effect on the mind, instilling feelings of confidence and self esteem. Rosewood is a mood lifter – known to cut through depression and produce a positive outlook on life. It’s renowned for instilling positive feels of hope and optimism. Great emotions to have boosting your sexuality!



Rose Quartz has subtle feminine aspects of pink. This is the color ray of determination, commitment, and caring. Simply, pink is love. Also, pink is a soothing color, useful to calm feelings of anger or resentment. Rose is a comfort color that can aid efforts to meditate.

Thulite encourages lust, sensuality and sexuality. It helps us to live life to the full and to immerse ourselves in our feelings. Beauty, adventure, melancholy, romance and eerie atmospheres are all equally loved. Thulite can also be used as an enhancer for fertility.

Larimar is deeply nurturing, radiating love as it restores your strength especially after extended spiritual work, harmonizing body and soul to new vibrations. Larimar draws a soul mate to you, healing relationship karma or heart trauma. An antidote to emotional extremes, it reconnects joyful childlike energy.

Strontianite promotes healthy sexuality. It supports the optimal functioning of the sexual organs while stimulating the psychological programming, which brings lovers together. It helps one appreciate one’s partner, opening one’s eyes to what attracted one to him or her in the first place. It encourages the enjoyment of romance and reminds one that love has no need to hurry.

Yukia Qwi An Sandara

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