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Inviting Yourself to your own Circle of Light

Is a gift expressed and a shout from the divine seat of the soul to the limitless of you to be birthed into You

It is how much your soul is daring to dream and meeting your heart ‘s knowing by bringing forth the new experience, the new beingness into the circle of light

It is risking everything into the adventure of being fully alive, aligned and connected with life in all kingdoms

It is like being able to touch your own sorrow with inspiration without judgment or attachment to outcome or expectations

It is to dare to open to life’s betrayals and become fragile , vulnerable and closed from fear of further pain

It is being able to sit with the pain, mine or your own without hiding, fading or feeling the need to fix it , just allowing it , surrending to it in the act of openly sharing

Inviting is to embrace with joy and dance with the wildness and allow the experience of its ecstasy to fill your entire sentient being ; bearing the shame , the guilt , the accusation of betrayal gracefully and whilst remembering to set on fire the limitations of your humanness

Inviting is welcoming the full release of all shadow imprints, changing your story and rescripting the reality that brings the pure naked truth to Your Soul

Inviting is extending a hand to another through a blind faithless and trustworthy act of the source of your own presence to connect with their own divinity

Inviting is being able to live with your failure and mine and still stand in the edge of the highest mountain and shout YES

Inviting is like standing right at the centre of your own fire with me and not feeling its diminishing spark depleting your own dignity and love for self

Inviting is keeping the flame alive whilst all else fades away with a beautiful radiance and glow in your face

Inviting is honoring the knowing and the wisdom of your true heart and gifting it to yourself and to another even if the empty moments that follow collapse upon you

Inviting is welcoming and bringing into your experience all the aspects that enrich your soul expression into this circle of light.

Love You all

Yukia Qwi An Sandara

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