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Just Being! Allowing your Full totality to Glow....

Within the vast sea of equanimity, we heard the long forgotten Clarion call of Eons ago

Awakening the Soul of Man, once from the dream of what was real and illusory,

IT took the great plunge into the emptiness and into the forms that emanated within space and found themselves in the essential nature of the Oneness Eye in everything

IT found thyself breathing it all into existence and embracing this infinite empty luminosity, this bliss of awareness as sparkles of radiant golden dust flooded our Planet

The song of the spheres become very loud as a pressing remembrance

A melodic enchanting reminder of the realization of a pure devotion of the One, to know the naked truth as advancing all Beings in Oneness as thy own Self now

The pulse of the Heart of the Cosmos was overwhelming and everywhere:

It touched, It bridged, It was all seeing, It was felt, It was tasted , It breathed into Glow…

An alchemical rhapsody manifested itself in great movement within and around all there was, while It remained still within the magnitude of the immense Presence of the moment

It magnanimously gave permission to anchor this journey within the flow of that current state of Being by allowing All of US:

-To enjoy gaining mastery day by day,

-To let go of defining itself in ways that encouraged the split of Self - To release being a particular identity that needs definition or reflection

-To settle easily into Love, Peace, joy and gratitude no matter how much turmoil happened internally or externally

-To see the greater good of the Oneness in each being aside from personal preferences or fleeing limitations of physicality

- To return continuously to mindfulness, nurturing and welcoming the sameness of everything whilst appreciating deeply it’s distinctions and diversity

-To find it easier to be in this earthy body and not being disturbed by it’s beauty or ugliness, its density or lightness

-To be aware always that this judgment’s come from the incessant conditional mind wanting to make real what was already vastly empty

- To celebrate the song that infinite light is everything including the “relative darkness” that defines “relative light” , that there is no right or wrong, no effort to be or get something somewhere

-To be in full acceptance and surrender that All that We ARE is great Perfection just as it is

- To find an increasing stability, calmness and constancy beyond anything known or revealed before

- To enjoy thoughts and emotions both pleasant and unpleasant floating within a more gentler and merciful spaciousness, helping all Beings to have so much compassion towards thyself ‘s and others

Now Just purely Being.. Being in the body, Being in a state of love ,being aware of thy breath, being awake, being with thy own sensations is nothing extraordinary

We are all, in full Love and Lightness with Gaia Crystal clear in understanding that in motion and constant change we remain always with magnificence in the stillness and the peace within.

We no longer hear the clarion call of Gaia She showed up and so did We We are embodied in her nectar Now What is true to YOU , It is true for All Beings Embrace Thy Glow and Shine

Namastee. All My Love Yukia Qwi An Sandara..

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