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Your Dream Life = Abundance of All Forms Return Home !

Welcoming Soul family in this beautiful country called Peru. Enclosed in the nurturing embrace of the Mother right here in the Sacred Valley once again for the next stage of the Journey. Coming to Profound realizations hence forth of the One path that is reflective of the Dream Life of Joy and Love that begins Now . Feeling Mother Gaia breathing it all into Being as she plays the current scrip already manifested .. Sharing some thoughts with You.. Feeling grateful and with so much fire in the heart ...

Your Dream Life = Abundance of All Forms

Abundance and prosperity are frequencies in the universe. They are locations on the map of your consciousness. You can choose to tune into the frequency of abundance and prosperity just as you would tune into a radio station. In order to "tune in" the frequency of abundance and prosperity, you will need to practice the art of reality creation. Reality creation goes beyond manifesting, which focuses on bringing single objects and experiences into your physical reality.

Reality creation, by contrast, involves becoming the designer and architect of every aspect of your life. You are able to create entire realities by becoming the person who is capable of experiencing them. As you become an energetic match to the realities you prefer, situations, people, resources and objects naturally manifest. It’s easy to see how reality creation from this perspective is painting on a much broader canvas than simple manifesting.

The move toward reality creation represents a major shift in perspective and intention with a generous helping of motivation thrown in. Often when things are flowing along on even keel, it's more challenging to find the desire and motivation for a major shift. More often, the needed motivation kicks in when challenges and difficulties rear their head. It is during challenging times that most people begin their journey on the path of transformation.

When a reality you don't want shows up in your life, that’s the perfect time to practice the art of transforming reality. Preferred realities don’t always generate sufficient desire and motivation for you to stretch your powers of reality transformation, whereas less desired realities tend to motivate you to reach beyond perceived limitations with fresh inspiration and enthusiasm.

If financial challenges have been in the forefront recently, this makes the perfect testing ground for learning to wield your magic wand to transform scarcity into abundance.

The first point of transformation is to understand you're not really transforming reality or "what is," but yourself. The identity you hold determines your field of possibilities and the realities you activate into your life.

When you see the world through the lens of abundance, there is always plenty, always more than enough. In your most abundant state, you are able to telepathically commune with your higher self, your guides and angels. You understand that when you set about to bring the visions you receive from your higher self into physical reality, resources flow to help manifest that reality. Life force energy flows in great abundance, as does joy and love and happiness. Love and Blessings to You, [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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