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UPDATE New Solar High Frequency Consciousness Re –Forming – Overhaul & Restored Solar Logos -

Beloved Family,

Wow, We are forever rising and expanding from the core of our own Creator Cosmic evolvement map within indeed!

We are re-forming Consciousness into a restored new functional template. The Second Solar ( Cosmic Sun) BODY is IN PROGRESS TO take primary Stage Presence.

Through A VARIETY OF STARGATES through the Black Hole that has widen in our Central Sun we have transversed many inter dimensional portal systems.

Standing together as ONE UNIFIED LOVE TRIAD with our Hearts open in Community, we were and are able to navigate through this huge wobble in our Planet ‘s environment and on the Inter Galactic map of the Cosmos itself.

Cosmic Coordinates have further shifted, so we have been witnessing huge Timeline shift ‘s and a new reconfiguration/re -development of our Solar system , our Stars and Planetary bodies Location’s.

It has been noticeable that since May that our SUN is not rising at the some place and our Stars and Planets have equally shifted as well, just as we are healing all our broken parts of the Soul and going through massive Soul restoration /retrievals journeys for our collective EARTH AND HUMANITY.

Our physical bodies are super sensitive in the throat area, the seat of our Authentic truth, our Mind/Brain area pressure and recalibration of new frequencies taking place, our Eyes, opening up new channels, our Pineal Gland , our Spinal movement , jolts of energy up and down , almost like kundalini awakening episodes. Some are also retaining water , picking up weight to hold a sacred container for this new Shift to integrate and some are in constant Elation, Silence, Prayer too..

It has been a turbulent and yet necessary recent week for our Planet as attempts to regain control of our timelines have quickened and conflicts have erupted all over in order to retain a strong OVERHAUL over ascension access points that are being activated and accelerated in Mass Consciousness.

We are witnessing mass activation ‘s, displacement & the leveling UP of a variety of enhanced new technologies through Holographic Cosmic Plasma liquid bursts from the second Sun in perfect alignment with our own CORE Source Sun within. In the last 3 days 88 Light codes, blueprints technology, Solar accelerators and templates have been activated to assist us.

A symbiotic QUANTUM Leap dance in our own Grid network and in the planetary main frame is taking place. This is changing the way the energy is moving and how the collective field ‘s interact and emanate/ manifest in our World.

Equally changed is how our own original human race blue print was planned to transmit active intelligent information to the collective consciousness field of Gaia too.

Wow Beloved One’s,

This is major TRANSCENDENCE in progress.

Ignited and Leveled UP!

Exiting! This has been an unprecedented opportunity that availed itself to shift the energetic content of all Past and future timeline’s simultaneously specially the one’s HELD IN BLACK DENSITY DEEP in the Collective Consciousness of the Earth, THEREFORE RE-FORMING, THE future Timelines.

It has enabled the erasing of all past Ancestral & Genetic code memory held as history, identity in the architecture of our Mother Earth.

This huge transformation IS activating the true identity and the true ancient history of our Ancient Solar Builder ‘s Race, our Guardians from the awakened body of Unity – with original coding being streamed through the FATHER/MOTHER principle into the collective consciousness field.


Feeling touched with all this and overwhelmed too.

This changes many timelines and history recorded on Earth and has a directly impact on potential shifts on existing individual and collective timelines.

It seems we have been given a clean slate as we have transversed timelines, transcending our limitations, our unhealed issues BUT YES it can feel for some of us that we are being propelled through a movie script in accelerated way of all low density “déjà vu” time lines of obstacles and pain, emotional /mental turmoil, old illusionary scripts and themes..

In reality we are opening our heart to more Trust ,a wider larger truth, We are creating space to RISE UP and then we can dissolve the energy and embrace the Transcendence State!

We are guided to embrace our Solar Re- Formed Consciousness Light Codes, to Open our hearts as Solar Beings to practice Loving kindness with each other, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and equally direct our Healing Energy to the Collectives around our planet trapped between timelines as well as our own entrapment if it is the case.

Gratitude to all Guardians, Ancient Builder Solar Races, Grid keepers Gatekeepers, spiritual warriors, way showers all Light Community.



Welcoming your beautiful sharing’s as usual,

Infinite love,

Yukia Azorath Sandara

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